The Near East, The Cradle of Western Civilization
The Near East, The Cradle of Western Civilization
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This book is an elegant account of the development of the great ancient civilizations of the Near East and how did the knowledge of the people of the Orient spread over the surrounding regions. In a lucid, concise, and well-organized style, the authors provide a clear analysis of how the ancient Near East provided the West with the foundations of civilization from the domestication of plants and animals through the development of writing, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, law, and industry to the formation of governments, states, and empires.

Each of the various aspects of civilization is treated independently, rendering the book an accessible source of information and an easy to use reference book.

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Sema`an I. Salem is professor emeritus at California State university, Long Beach, where he taught and did his research since 1961. He has published three books and over 100 scientific papers, mostly on atomic physics. He made some forty presentations in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

He is the recipient of several research and educational grants and many awards and recognitions, among them the Outstanding Professor of the Year (1981-1982) and the Scholarly and Creative Achievement award (1983).

Lynda A. Salem received her Master of Science in Library Science degree from the Catholic University of America and is working as a librarian in the city of Long Beach. The two authors are a father-daughter team.


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