Memoirs of a Midnight Flower
Memoirs of a Midnight Flower
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Listen to the sounds of yesteryear as you travel back in time on a journey through the 1950’s, which would be unimaginable to those of us who never lived through it. Based on the inspirational true story of some of life’s unbelievable twists of fate, and the bittersweet reflections of a youngster growing up in the ‘50s, whose life had been touched by tragedy that could have taken many different paths. As the veil of secrecy is slowly lifted and removed, you’ll become aquatinted with the guardian angels that are placed here on earth to protect, and watch over us. Witness the awakening of an understanding that began when a ten-year-old child, survives from a spiritual death with the help of a valiant spirit who guides her through life, and into a spiritual journey of acceptance. Finally, journey on a spine-chilling ride in the “Phantom Car of German Church Road,” to one of the most horrific murders in Chicago’s history, and even after four decades, still remains undiminished in its brutality and horror, as it mesmerized the entire city, of the unsolved murders of two teenage sisters who were last seen near the Brighton Park Theater, on the evening of December 28, 1956.Credit for graphic: Carol Jon, design by Rebecca D. Brown
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Carol Jon, the Queen of Faith, Hopes and Dreams, who’s vast wealth lies within her very own heart and soul. Divorced, mother of three adult children, and grandmother to six aspiring young souls, all worth more than gold itself.

She is a Christian who credits the Lord for both the ability and inspiration to write this book, and a goal to touch people of all faiths with a message, that by having faith gives you a sense of peace and an ability to help you look beyond your present problems with hope.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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