The Brownies' Travels
The Brownies' Travels
(Mental, Physical, and Spiritual) With The Angel Emav
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Brownies' Travels begins with love at first sight and an impromptu wedding in an all-night restaurant. From there, Emav, a guardian angel, leads twin souls called The Brownies on a spiritual quest that spans centuries, and weaves together lifetimes of learning. Each adventure brings them closer to each other and God. From scribes in ancient Greece, to an ill-fated meeting in 1920's Montana, The Brownies must learn to think together in order to reveal certain truths, which will keep the earth on a positive course. Each time you see the heading "EMAV SAYS" believe his words. They've been faithfully recorded, one letter at a time. The people you meet are real. Last names have been omitted to protect privacy. If using a Ouija Board leads to possession, then The Brownies are possessed by an angel. You may not believe their story, but you'll know it's true.
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The Brownies, Ron and Sue, are twin souls who live in West Richland, Washington. In July of 1979 they met Emav, their guardian angel, on a Ouija Board. He leads them on a mission to write a book called Killing Eagles, a message from God.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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