Italian Meringue Pies
Italian Meringue Pies
51 Flavors
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Use this book to make the best meringue pies ever and do it quickly, easily, and reliably. Create fabulous pies filled with smooth, rich custard and heaped with fluffy, white meringue.

Italian meringue is made from the same ingredients as ordinary meringue, but the cooking method and results are very different. Its consistency is similar to whipped cream, and it is "mile high" with only three egg whites-plus it keeps well with little shrinkage.

The custard recipes (the source of the 51 flavors), use a streamlined microwave method that gives perfect results every time. A quick and easy stovetop method is also provided.

The recipes are grouped by custard flavor categories. There is a section of fruit custard recipes which includes lemon, of course, but also lime, and even pink grapefruit, along with flavors such as raspberry and orange pineapple. The chocolate, coffee, and nut section features amaretto chocolate, coffee pecan, maple walnut, and others. The fruit-on-the-bottom section features pies with a fresh fruit or puree layer that is topped with a different custard flavor, such as coconut strawberry, pistachio blackberry, and black forest. There is also a miscellany of flavors such as pumpkin and Rum Delight.

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Rose Luther lives with her husband in Athens, Georgia, where she is employed in education. A few years ago, she set out to find the best ever recipe for lemon meringue pie. The search became experimentation and in time resulted in these 51 recipes for Italian meringue pies.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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