Running To Normal
Running To Normal
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How do you know who you are? What evidence do you bring to bear: the way others treat you? Do you judge by the mirror-how you look? Does everyone know who they are because of how they were raised?

These are just a few of the questions we all face, yet most of us never ask them. Stewart did. He ran headlong toward 'normal'. He played sports in high school and got high with his friends. He took lead roles in theater and musical endeavors. He succeeded in higher education. He thought he had it all-a great career, a fine family, a generous and mostly nurturing upbringing-yet a nagging fact kept clamoring for attention. Deep in his soul, he knew that the person he'd been; the person everyone saw was a fraud. He was not really a he at all!

Here is the fascinating story of someone who chose to be the person everyone expected-son, student, colleague, husband, provider, father. When faced with an enormous upwelling of sadness, depression and suicidal intent, decides instead to follow a long buried truth.

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A lifelong gender dysphoric, Sandra triumphed over this condition in 2001. She has been Co-Principal horn of the Toledo Symphony since late 1990 and in her off time enjoys being with her children, playing chamber music, making recordings, attending Drum and Bugle Corps shows, and relaxing with her pets.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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