Living With Sarcoidosis & Other Chronic Health Conditions
Living With Sarcoidosis & Other Chronic Health Conditions
Patient Stories, Support Options, Insurance Tips & A Doctor Interview, Written From A Patient's Perspective, Reinforce The Fact...You're Not Alone
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Living With Sarcoidosis & Other Chronic Health Conditions gives firsthand accounts of what life is like when you experience chronic health conditions, as only a patient can articulate, by way of patient stories, support options, insurance tips and a doctor interview. Although each situation is unique, they are also so similar and it's those similarities that helps us cope in a positive manner with our current situations, regardless if you are the patient, caregiver, medical professional, employer or just a friend. The importance of understanding your reality, honestly accepting that reality, therefore being able to live a positive and productive life, is the constant message the book stresses by way of living examples. This book strictly gives a patient's perspective of the many aspects of life with chronic health conditions and is both informative and inspirational as to how to achieve positive goals, as living with a chronic health condition affects all aspects of your life along with those "others" in your life as well. It's a must read for anyone who lives with or knows someone with a chronic health condition especially a mysterious disease such as sarcoidosis. There will be something that will touch some aspect in everyone's life!
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Gilbert Barr, Jr. was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1991 and currently experiences a multitude of chronic health conditions. He supported a National Health Care Claims System for 14 years and published his autobiography in 2002. Gilbert currently resides in Detroit, Michigan and continuously promotes awareness regarding sarcoidosis and other conditions.


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