Terror by Invasion
Terror by Invasion
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Suddenly, without warning the life preservers on everyone on the party boats started to erupt in a great explosion. The party boats exploded from underneath the waterline. The scene was quickly littered with debris, human remains, and a cloud of smoke. So quick was the explosion and fire that the lake seemed to blink an eye and erase much of the carnage. The wind blew the smoke from the scene. What was once a heavenly voyage turned into a watery grave site. Missing was the tombstones. Only the seagulls seemed to be ready to pick apart the minuscule pieces of a boat ride gone mad. Who is monitoring the ships and boats that pass across Lake Erie? The United States is extremely vulnerable on the south shore of the lake. Therefore, it only makes sense to have protection in place along the northern shoreline to prevent a major terrorist act against our nuclear power plants and fresh water supply. Terror by Invasion is a warning of the potential for this type of attack. It's up to all Americans to be on guard for terrorist cells already operating in the United States, and to become part of the plan for defending our country.
The president was ready to spread the wealth of America by piping the right music to the American public and the Europeans. Most people were happy to hear all the good news. The United States president had a personal goal, spreading the wealth of America. He was a political marvel. The dramatic campaign speeches stated his goal of spreading the wealth along with unifying the nation. However, his coronation drove a wedge into the heart and soul of American society. He didn't understand business like his mentors, George Butapast, the European and Julius, the mafia boss. The European man, he dropped out of sight. His job was done. Julius had far more greatness on his mind. He was going after a bigger prize. His name was Julius Cambello, a Chicago banker. The president didn’t get close to the Chicago banker. Julius was like a distant star. Like Pluto or a stepfather far removed from the son, he never got close to his son. Since they didn’t know each other, no one would ever be hurt by his metaphoric odorless conniving. Only the wind of change would carry the monoxide to poison American society. The uttered words were habit forming and hooked the citizens like a cocaine addiction. The president used his fans euphoria and adulation cleverly. He sold the fruit of hope and change. The speech writers were effective. They conditioned the thoughts. The president used the teleprompters well. Staff writers convinced both Democrats and Republicans they could trust and abide by his level headedness. The man behind the scene was the banker. He was the brain trust. By using the power of money Cambello influenced the country’s decision makers. The president and his advisors failed to realize that the enemies of America were watching like hawks on a wire. They included Asian leaders, Middle East dictators, terrorists, and homegrown subversives. An inside plot was being formulated. A plot to take over the government by coup was the goal. It was only just starting. Many ingredients had to fall in place. The adversaries had their own problems. So many factions despised America’s freedom. They couldn’t even trust each other. China had the money. The terrorists desired a spiritual gateway to heaven. The dictators lacked the fire power. The president was carrying a torch lit in Chicago. The country had to be cut down to size and the Constitution burned. The country had to be divided by internal infighting. This would start the downfall. The political divide would color states red and blue. It would be similar to the first civil war. In time it would be the start of the second civil war. The great divider would topple the United States of America.

Richard D. Ondo is a U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict. He is the former president of the Fairport Harbor Port Authority, and he now owns Ondo Electric Service, in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.


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