Steele Says'
Steele Says'
Fun and Meaningful Quotes That Touch the Spirit and the Heart
Perfect Bound Softcover
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An original composition of selected quotes, short poems, and one fable. Designed to stimulate the imagination, as the reader contemplates the deeper meanings to these simple quotes. Phrases certain to find an enduring home in American culture. Selected from the lifetime collection of the author, each written at a particular time and for a particular reason, for example: "What you know is not important, it's what you do with what you know" was created by the author thirteen years ago as an automatic response to his daughter, Elizabeth; each time he reminded her of a duty, deadline, or responsibility, she would respond, "I know."

Fun to read. Sure to bring both a smile and a contemplative look from all who read it. The author blends humor, philosophy, and poetry in a marvelous way, creating a book which transcends many barriers. Insightful, imaginative, brilliant and stimulating. All America is certain to be injecting Steele Says into conservations from the boardroom to the bathroom.

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An acknowledged problem solver and critical thinker, founder/chairman of Association of Chameleonic Epistemologists. Enjoys stringing together thoughts and phrases through the power of the written word. Married 42 years, four remarkably talented and treasured children.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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