<b>The Glasgow KISS</b>
The Glasgow KISS
The wrong and right way to use your head
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Did you ever feel discouraged after you argue with a family member, neighbor or the boss? That's life. Don't you wish you could have bolstered your argument to make your point?

Reading The Glasgow KISS: The Wrong and Right Way To Use Your Head should be your first line of defense.

If there's conflict and you find yourself in it, you cannot handle it well. Clearly make your point. You don't have to feel inept. Figuring out what to say is why you need to reach out to Caroline Neeley.

With her dry Scottish humor, wise insight and professional expertise, Caroline Neeley provides the tools to constructively work through your conflicts and put down those conflicts. Positively work it out the right way. Secrets Neeley reveals have helped thousands on her weekly radio talk show based in southern California.

The Glasgow KISS: The Wrong And Right Way To Use Your Head is straight talk with a touch of humor. Reconstruct your deflated confidence and offer constructive suggestions. Fight fair for what is right. Create boundaries, clear the mental toxic waste and get on with life!

Find the answers to your conflict questions and use your head-the right way!

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A divorced mother of two, Scotland's Caroline Neeley arrived in the U.S. in 1980 with plenty of dry Scottish humor and compassion. A Mediator and Anger Management Counselor in southern California, Caroline Neeley takes an unbiased approach to disputes with her "Glasgow Kiss" attitude and no-holds-barred realistic techniques.
Very insightfull

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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