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Nestled in a remote area of northwestern Pennsylvania, the small town of Tidioute became home to five cutlery manufacturers starting in the late-1800s. Although no longer in existence, these businesses produced some of the finest collectible knives and razors ever.

Tidioute: A Town With an Edge relates the history and development of this unique stronghold of cutlery companies and how they competed with one another in the area known as the "Magic Circle" of cutlery firms. These manufacturers included the Tidioute Cutlery Co. (LTD), Union Razor/Union Cutlery, Baldwin Cutlery, Tidioute Cutlery Co. and Penn Cutlery.

With an ardent sense of detail, David Anthony shows how the cutlery tradition was handed down over multiple generations and involved keen business sense mixed with tragedy and luck. Anthony also includes photos of the various tang stamps used by the companies and a price guide to help determine the value of cutlery from this historic town.

A must-have for the serious collector of fine antique knives, particularly those manufactured in Tidioute, this guide is also an in-depth, well-researched record of this unique Pennsylvania community.

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David L. Anthony has collected antique pocketknives for more than thirty-five years. He has authored several articles in Knife World Magazine on collecting antique cutlery. He grew up in the ?Magic Circle? of cutlery manufacturers in northwest Pennsylvania. Although his focus has been primarily cutlery related to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, his interest peaked with those items that were manufactured in the rural Northwestern town of Tidioute. The direct ties to the Cutlery giant CASE and many others. A thriving industry that disappeared all to quickly due to the depression.


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