Flowers for Emily
Flowers for Emily
Perfect Bound Softcover
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After two years of searching for a serial killer that she believes murdered her little sister, criminal pathologist Dr. Veronica Donavan refuses to accept the crime's cold casing. Roni vows to solve the case herself and disregards her superior's orders to halt her investigation. She follows her leads from Scotland Yard in London to Denver, Colorado, certain she has found the man responsible for her family's grief.

With a good bit of luck and a little deception, Roni secures her place with the local team of FBI agents racing to stop the murderer that has begun to prey on Denver area girls, unaware that the case may hinge on a certain fact about her own life. Blinded by her fervent quest for justice, Roni is ultimately given the missing clues she needs to solve the case, as well as hope for personal happiness in the form of Dean Colby, the handsome agent assigned to protect her.

But it will take Dean's keen intuition and expertise to make Roni realize that she is the next target of a psychopath, and there's much more at stake than just her career.

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T. L. Vance resides in Mississippi with her husband and son. Flowers for Emily is her second novel.

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