From Crack Cocaine to Christ From Calvary
From Crack Cocaine to Christ From Calvary
The true story of an addicted man's rehabilitation through Christ JesusThis book is for the broken spirit that is struggling in ANY addiction and looking for an open doorway out!
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Born to church-going parents of worldly morals, Anthony Love grew up in Camden N.J. during the 1960s. One of five siblings, he was introduced to the evils that life has to offer-living outside of the grace of God. Mr. Love spent sixteen years in the addiction of crack cocaine among other drugs and twenty-seven years locked in the vice of alcohol abuse.
Read the destruction of what these substances have to offer and the power of God that lifted him out.
This book will inspire anyone bound by alcohol or substance abuse or just separated from the life that God intended us to live.

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Minister Anthony M. Love Sr. has lived through the evils of drug abuse and the deliverance through the power of Jesus Christ. He now uses his experience to minister to others.
Now residing in Jenkintown, PA, Min. Love shares his life with his wife and five children.
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Perfect Bound Softcover
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