Why They Just Can't Get Over It
Why They Just Can't Get Over It
A Spiritual And Psychological Approach To Overcoming Racism in America
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Slavery may have ended in 1865, but the pains, prejudices, and traditions of four hundred years of slavery have continued through the generations and are ingrained in our modern psyches. Present-day America is still a breeding ground for hate crimes and racism because passed-down hatred is just as potent as firsthand hatred.

We are not at fault-we were never slaves or masters, ourselves-but this is our problem all the same. And we must make it our mission to break the cycle of abuse, cope with our legacy of hatred and mistrust, and heal ourselves with the kind of understanding and dialogue that Why They Just Can't Get Over It delivers.

Skelton's groundbreaking, hard-hitting book addresses the reasons that our nation has become so divided and dysfunctional and covers why we have a disproportionate level of social problems in the black community, including out-of-wedlock births, divorce, violence, drugs, and the number of black men in prison.

But most importantly, the sensible and spiritual principles and practices set forth in this illuminating and motivating guide empower Americans to move beyond the dark and wretched era of slavery and commit their hearts, minds, and lives to overcoming racism forever.

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Dr. Kenneth Skelton, Sr., earned a doctorate of ministry degree from the Houston Graduate School of Theology. He is the pastor of Spirit of Life Church and lives with his wife, Cookie, in Houston, Texas.


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