Valley of the Geeks
Valley of the Geeks
High-Tech Hijinks from Silicon Valley
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Valley of the Geeks skewers Silicon Valley with high-tech hijinks that keep you laughing out loud. This new collection of essays includes the best original humor from the award-winning web site. Urlocker's unique blend of wit and wisdom cover everything from Larry Ellison's ego to Bill Gates' secret plan to take over the government.

"Valley of the Geeks is very funny. It's supposed to be funny, right?"-Bruce Eckel, "Thinking in Java"

"Let Valley of The Geeks treat you to banner ads we'd like to see."-USA Today

· Cellular Hell
· Entrepreneurosis
· Akamai Sues Self
· Towards Simplexity
· Recession Cancelled
· Lonely at the Middle
· Dot Com
· Dear Miss Management
· Oracle Teams With Mafia
· A New Spin on Marketing
· Fast Track to the Ground Floor
· Microsoft Apologizes for Nukes
· What Not To Say To A Recruiter
· More Banner Ads We'd Like to See
· RTFM: The New High Tech Dictionary 2.0
· Telecom Depressed – Still Can't Get Out Of Bed

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Zack Urlocker is a pseudonym for a Silicon Valley executive rapidly approaching his mid-life crisis. He is the publisher of the award winning web site In his spare time, Mr. Urlocker is a marathon runner and digital piano tuner. He is married and has five computers.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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