Cultural Differences or Discrimination?
Cultural Differences or Discrimination?
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What separates human beings from animals are the intellect, power to reason, and the mind - the greatest work of God. Human beings are the same in every part of the world. Their nature, instincts, feelings, emotions and desires are all the same. Yet a great barrier separates them bringing an amazing contrast between them - that of culture. It is this cultural aspect of life that is the inspiration behind the book. How and why are the questions raised, and adequately answered. This book touches every human being in every society, irrespective of the diversity. The focus is mainly on the variation between the Eastern and the Western culture. Why are the Eastern people so different from the Western people? How come their cultures are really worlds apart? The people, parted by their geographical locations, are certainly quite hostile to each other. Easterners crossing over to the Western world as immigrants are treated quite adversely. They have their own solid reasons for immigrating as well as what do they see in the Western culture? What is the motive behind most Westerners’ hostile behavior towards them? In this aspect the ugly faces of discrimination and classification enter the scene. The book delves into these increasingly significant problems of life. The experiences and feelings of migrants into the Western world have been very realistically and poignantly depicted. The very serious problems they face when integrating into a totally alien culture and adjusting to it and the equally serious repercussions on their children, who are caught between the two cultures, are highlighted. What are the roots then of such children and what is their real culture? Deep in their hearts and minds they are surely aware of the problem of their identity and their future. All the problems of immigrants and equally the problems of the Westerners have been discussed in the book. Moreover, the Eastern people have a certain reputation. It is really astonishing to see so much difference in customs, traditions and habits in human kind. Also, the lack of technology and resources that have earned some countries the title - The Third world- is one of the greatest problems of the world nowadays. It also accounts for the lack of confidence on the part of the Easterners and in contrast the over-confidence of the Westerners. The book provides the most beautiful solution to bridge this gap and also prompts the readers to think seriously about this solution. Human beings are supposed to live in harmony and peace with as little difference as possible. Has anyone seriously thought about the concept of liberty? Indeed, everyone is aware of the contrast in the so-called liberty of the West and none whatsoever in the East. The liberalism of the West is termed in the book as 'Miserable liberty' with solid reasons and facts of life to prove it. "Excess of everything is bad" is an apt maxim quoted in the book. On the other hand, the restrictions in the Eastern culture are always taken in the negative. Again there is the frustration factor which is equally prevalent in both cultures in different ways. No one has really researched into these vital problems facing everyone equally, both from the Western world and the Eastern world. Each side has great misconception about the other and has an established reputation existing, due to which the expatriates have the problem of a double survival in a totally alien, quite hostile world. The book contains the real problems of real people and discusses the possible remedies. It repeatedly stresses constructive thinking on the part of very single human being and the need to practically search for the right solutions to make “this world a lovely place to live". The book is an amalgamation of all these points and more. It explores deep insights into human nature. Selfishness, artificiality at the expense of other people is very much in abundance. Materialism is the order of the day. But are not we still in denial of these inherent human behaviors? Why has not civilization yet conquered these adverse values? More detailed aspects of human behavior and the concepts of human rights mentioned in the book certainly would make the reader seriously think on these human issues and why they are so. Civilization is perhaps at stake. Another most vital point discussed is the portrayal of religion and why are people going astray from it? Why is there no unity in the Muslims and why do they show the most artificial face of Islam? Christianity has evolved changes - today, we see conversions of churches into discos and clubs. Has anyone really thought about these indispensable issues? Again, has anyone noticed the fact that usually people, after obtaining their goals, tend to forget God? Also has not it become the custom to complain about God? Though there is so much progress in the world and so much advanced technology to make the lives of the people more comfortable, yet rarely are people seen to be satisfied and content. The book points out how to obtain peace in life, which is everyone’s ultimate goal. Are these cultural differences, opinions or discrimination? The book evolves all these essential and vital issues of life and stresses the utmost need to try and save our societies . After reading this book, the reader would be more aware of issues which are staring us in the face, but sadly very few people are really working on their solutions. For more information please visit
The way author has explained daily life is incredible. His way to look at so-called business as usual and his approach towards the issues is simply a great work.” Moses smith, Australia ________________________________________ “I am glad that someone really has focused on everyday matters with a positive approach” Danny Stephenson, New Zealand ________________________________________ “I am sure one day parents would think more about their children’s welfare than their own insecurities. The cases have been nicely elaborated, and above all, someone has really brought these issue up for society. Well Done!” Phil Ward, England ________________________________________ “I have read “An Innocent Sufferer” as wel and I cried, I found myself there. On the other hand it helped me to think that I was not the only one who felt being a victim all my life and it has given me energy to fight back and turn the evil values down.” Anne Mary, Canada ________________________________________ “The author did a good job to bring these topics into discussion and provide the people a good chance to think about their daily transactions and dealing with others” Mark Hemingway, Australia ________________________________________ “I am impressed by your interpretation of the overall human situation” Anne Dolan, Dublin ________________________________________ “It is really true the way you have predicted life and the nature of East Europeans” Paul Monfils, The Netherlands ________________________________________ “I can feel myself while reading the book, since I am living in a strange culture for more than a decade” Dr. M. Karami, Amsterdam ________________________________________ “The author is very defensive in certain issues, he should explain more about realities” R.J.Suleri Vice President, Pakistan Sugar Technologist. ________________________________________ My greatest wish is to have more broad-minded and intellectual people in this world; with the betterment of humanity at heart, people like Javed. It is only then that we would have true concord and peace on this world" Huma For more information please visit
The Pakistani-born, Dutch-based author, Javed Suleri, came out from his country with the urge to acquaint with people from different parts of the world. With the quest to discover; “whether there is a difference among people or is the human race everywhere same apart from their outer appearances?” He felt privileged to say that there is only and only one race from Kala shah kakoo till Darwin. Living and studying in different parts of the world for more then a decade made him rather induced him to think more and more that there is ample of love and kindness everywhere. Such thoughts made him peaceful and motivated him to live in so-called foreign lands but he never felt himself foreigner anywhere. For more information please visit

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