Man on the Move
Man on the Move
The Pete Friesen Story
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Pete Friesen trusted his intuition and employed his skills to create a lifetime filled with extraordinary achievements. Born in post-revolutionary Russia and raised on the Canadian prairie during the Great Depression, Friesen overcame challenging odds and found his way to the pinnacle of engineering success in the United States.

As noted by Peter Rowlands, who was involved in production of Friesen’s bio-documentary “Pete: Moving Man Made Mountains,” Pete Friesen considered life on earth to be an adventure where every challenge and every failure was a learning experience. With little formal education, he became an inventor and innovator who moved more than four thousand buildings in his structural-moving career. Possessing the ability to visualize resolution of complex problems, Friesen designed machinery and developed procedures that propelled his chosen profession into the modern age.

Rowlands chronicles Friesen’s fascinating life from beginning to end—from a turbulent childhood through inventions and innovations to international acclaim—creating a fitting memoir and an unforgettable tribute to a man who lived by his credo of hope—to never, never give up.

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Peter Rowlands enjoyed a thirty-three-year career as a commercial airline pilot before participating in Pete Friesen’s bio-documentary film project. As well as writing, he continues to enjoy skiing, paddling, and cycling while living north of Toronto with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Diva.

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