How to make a Slingbow
How to make a Slingbow
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These newest to the world of archery - target “paintball trackless crossbows” and “trackless crossbows”, you hand / home shop / shop - make for yourself or hand-made by your favorite cabinet shop / wood-working handy-man / archery bow maker, for a life-time collectable (s) ! They are the first on planet earth, that we know of through our archery shop researches and the first archery target bows that launch - “Target Arrows, Fishing Arrows, Game Hunting Arrows”, with an adapted “Whisker Biscuit” or "Archery Fishing" arrows rest and others, also, “Paintballs” - (freelance launch) & the silver spheres (1 - 5 shot pieces at a time) and air-soft bb’s, reg. bb’s just like arrows, up to approx. 100 yards distanced targets and for small game hunting ! These new archery target bows shoot (5) or more different ammo.s, (including “Paintballs 40 - 43 - 50 - 68 calibers ), 1 - 4 shot pieces at a time, 180 - 350+ fps.! So, the ammo.s choice is yours or your parental guides, for safety purposes ! These new “Trackless Crossbows” in this new book are “all” basically inter-changable with each other and “all” their bow parts are very easy to replace, too. Also, the new bows make a “One Of A Kind” gift, already hand-made bow(s) or the book and they’re a quite unique hand-me-down, too! These are alot of fun in our version at Slingbows Archery, a new competitive archery target scoring “Paint-ball” game, “Paintball Archery” and on the "Paintball Field Courses, Too", playing in competition against CO2 paintball guns, for a new form of sports! Also, by these being the first, “Originals”, and “One Of A Kind”, then the fi rst made will be the most valued life-time collectables, as time goes past!

To inspire better relationships, like Father and Son working together, to make something that will last along time, and continue the great memories! This book is also, for the sportswomen and sportsmen of the archery sports and in great expectations that these innovated trackless crossbows will help create a new sport in America and other great countries! These are a great training and course leading to other archery sports, and are, a new archery sport and fun! I really want to include a note of inspiration, because the “Low Country” of Georgia, with its wonderful natural resources, lead myself in many ways to invent, including all of our proto-typing, researches and our developments, in creating “The Eagle I & II” and “The V-king I & II” - Totally Trackless Crossbows at Slingbows Archery. Also, this includes the cities of Midway, Hinesville, Richmond Hill and our great historical city of Savannah, GA.

These new bows are one of akind and are the greatest, especially for archery target practices and a newest innovation - , " Paintball Archery " and small/large game/fish hunting ! They shoot "THE SHAFT-LESS ARROWS" - * Silver Spheres " ammos . (multi-sizes) * , " Paint Balls " 40 - 43 - 50 & 68 calibers loose paint-balls , ( free lance ) not self-mounted on the end of an archery target arrow or other-wise and some heavier types air-soft bb`s ( .25 wt. is best ) and regular bb`s, too . I think these new bows will be a new competition in the archery sports ! And the "Slingbow", will shoot multi-count ammo. , ( 1 - 7 ) shots at a time, in a manual ( w/ bow strings ) completely trackless cross-bow fashion ! The ammo.`s glide like arrows, instead of a throwing type action ! They have a new innovated sight, unlike other bows and sling-shots ! But, the new " red dot " lasers/sights ( on the web markets and gen. markets ) , for closer targets ( 30+ yards ) and archery bow sights and others can be adapted to the " Slingbows ", Eagle I & II and V-king I & II . And the " Slingbows ", have the newly developed " V-Frame ", innovated technology , that no other bows have ever had in the history of the world, that we know of. in our researches ! Also, the new archery arrow rest holders , the" Whiskers Biscuit Arrows Rest " and the " Hydra Glide / Archery Fishing Arrows Rest " , that`s on the archery markets can be mounted to these new Slingbows for launching target/hunting/fishing arrows and others, like custom lengthened arrows, with just a small 90o degrees bracket that you can make or have made locally !! We are scoring on arrow targets at 50+ yards distances and within the " Bulls-eye " or " British Gold " of the archery targets ! We at Slingbows Archery know, for a fact , that with archery fishing types of arrows , that these new archery bows will fish - hunt and just by adapting / mount the new archery tournament type fishing reels mounts and archery fishing reels and other types of reels to the front or bottom of the handles or prefabed brackets ! With very little prefabrication of small metal brackets by yourself or by your crafts-person (s) , the " WHISKER BISCUIT ARROW REST " and " ARCHERY BOWS SIGHTS " and " ARCHERY FISHING ARROWS REST " and the, TOURNAMENT FISHING REELS MOUNTS" and "FISHING REELS", CAN BE MOUNTED . And also , they even have adjusters for the bows strings, really unique ! Also, in ancient Chinese history 4,000+ years ago or more , in the martial arts , the Chinese had a " sling bow" ( registered in "Author" Dr. Yang`s book of " Ancient Chinese Weapons " and I`m quite sure it was great, but these " Slingbows " , Eagles I & II or V-kings I & II are a difference and the modern " Slingbows " of today ! I`d bet Ghensis Khan himself would have loved these new archery trackless crossbows , too .

The small bows will help with youthful bowyers and beginners bow training ! It`s fun to hand/home shop/shop-make these new bows and they`re easier to make than you think , with very few hand and power tools and they`ll have lasting memories , like a Father & Son - projects and archery target clubs ! They`ll last a natural life-time, because they`re made with the same materials as other archery bows and firearms, alike ! After making one or more of these new bows you`ll see that they have a beautiful wooden finish and can be engraved by a metal - smith and/or wood craver , for further great collectable looks ! They are shooting some of the suggested ammos. at 180 - 400+ fps. ( feet per second ) and easily approx. 65 thru 100 yards, distances. There`s ( 5 ) new archery totally trackless crossbows in this new book , ( 2 ) for youthful groups and ( 3 ) for more mature groups of target shooters / Archers / Hunters ! With target bow impacts, using the larger bows ! These bows are the only ones of their kind on planet earth. And if you don`t care to hand-make one or more of these totally trackless crossbows, a cabinet shop, bow maker or equiv. can make them for you, maybe even to greater levels, like fine wood finishes/choice stains and layered wood laminates/epoxys coatings and if you only have a wood cabinet shop and/or bow-maker shop to make the wooden parts, then you can assemble these bows, yourself. ! They`re less expensive than you`d think, but it`s what you want to spend on these, like anything else. You can make one for normal low bow prices or you can make a more exspensive bow that will surely be a family and/or personal treasure, a life-time collectable ! They are alot of fun and competitive! The "How To Make A Slingbow", book is a great collectable gift to give to a family member or friend, too ! "Thank You", from Slingbows Archery and "Happy Hunting, Archery Fishing and Target Practices" ! Color Photos presently are at : www. Classifiedads . com , " The New Revised - How To Make A Slingbow ", book , by J. K. Haverington (2012), ( or just look for the book title or Author`s name on the web-internet listings, for web sites w/ color photos ) and please look in Amazon . com ( this site has 7 photos, too ), "Thank You"! .

Please be on the look-out for our new archery book , " The New Target Archery , by J. K. Haverington ", coming out soon !

Please read this information in my book . Some info. is also in " About the book section " at the iUniverse . com bookstore site , And an email address for correspondences is in the last pages of this new archery book , too, for any fans or interests !

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