Theodore Roosevelt's Arizona Boys
Theodore Roosevelt's Arizona Boys
Cowboys and Politics in the Old West
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Theodore Roosevelt reinvented the American presidency for the twentieth century with his use of the "bully pulpit" and emphasis on the "square deal." In so doing he enlivened American politics and made the federal governor relevant for the common man. This was no where more true than in the territories of the southwest which had provided his famous Rough Riders. A great many former Rough Riders gained political appointment in Arizona after Roosevelt became president. This book is about the unique relationship between Roosevelt and his Rough Riders in Arizona, how Arizona politics and Roosevelt's administration and career were affected. Many of the characters are colorful and the stories are rich in hope, humor, and humanity.
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Marty F. Feess is a high school teacher and long-time Arizona resident. He received his masters degree in history in 1984 and his Ph.D. in history in 1999 both from Northern Arizona University.

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