Saving the Best For Last
Saving the Best For Last
Creating Our Lives After 50
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Due to the overwhelming response of the authors' first book Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50, Saving the Best For Last incorporates several new chapters, as well as an exciting interactive element throughout. You, the reader, can not only read Renee's, Jean's and Joyce's enlightening and very real experiences of aging and reinvention, you can also participate in powerful life changing individual and group exercises and processes that will forever change the way you see the years after 50.

The three authors speak candidly about many topics, including:
*dating and mating
*faith and spitituality
*our mothers

As you, too, pass the threshold of fifty, you may discover, as these women did, that this is a moment in your life to celebrate--a beginning, rather than an ending. This is a journey you will not want to miss. Saving the Best For Last is your roadmap and your guidebook.

Like many of you, we are women who are in the second part of our lives. Our journeys have taken us through the best life has to offer and occasionally what seemed like the worst. When we passed the threshold of 50, we moved from commiserating about wrinkles to being energized about the prospect of having whole new lives ahead of us. We came to believe that we are the generation that is redesigning the meaning of life after 50. In our previous book, Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50, we wrote about our experiences and hoped that other women who read about us could see their lives reflected in ours. Our goal was to present 50 as something new: Fifty is not merely a milestone to cross. Fifty is not the beginning of the end. The response from readers was overwhelming. Women not only saw themselves in the pages of our book, they were inspired to take their lives on in ways that we could never have anticipated. Women got the courage they needed to end damaging relationships and move forward. Others discovered they were worthy enough to commit to new, healthy relationships. Many women got the courage to finally deal with sexual abuse that had occurred decades ago in their lives and that they had surprised. Women quit jobs, got new ones, took round-the-world trips, displayed their paintings, cut their hair, went back to school, or healed family relationships. Many simply called family members and friends and expressed their love and gratitude. Most importantly, thousands of women actually started to look forward to the years to come. As thrilled as we were by the constant feedback, we came to believe that there existed the possibility of something even more powerful. So we decided to write a follow up book, one that would incorporate the stories we told in the first but would take our message to a much higher level. In this new book, our stories are no20longer the focus. They are simply the jumping off point for what follows. We began by adding several new chapters, chapters that should have been included in the first book. The new heart of Saving the Best for Last: Creating Our Lives After 50 is the individual and group activities that follow each chapter. We never thought of these as discussion questions or workbook-type exercises. Instead, they are powerful, mini-workshops that allow women, whether alone or in group settings, to see their lives in a completely new way, from a completely new perspective. We promise you, the reader, that you will never have experienced anything like this before. At the end of the book, we have created a resource section that goes well beyond that of a conventional bibliography. It is geared to be with you long after the book is completed and will continue to add to your life for many years to come. We three continue on this journey, one that never ceases to perplex us or frustrate us at times. But at no time is it any less than remarkable, and at no time do we ever wish we were on any journey other than our own. We invite you to join us.
Renee Fisher has been writing fiction and poetry since childhood. In 2001 her novel, King of the Gypsies, was published through iUniverse. She has had several short stories published in literary magazines, including Kingfisher and Metropolitain. She is an Honorable Mention in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition. She is currently working on her second novel. Formerly an artist and special education teacher, she has been a Realtor in the Washington, DC area since 1979. She is currently a Top Producer of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. In addition, in 2000 she started the first non-denominational speed dating company, Brief Encounters USA, and presently is involved in the startup of a brand new company “Diva Diversions.” Joyce Kramer taught English in inner city Baltimore for 25 years. After retiring, she became Director of Volunteer Services and later Director of Development and Public Relations of the first major community-based HIV/AIDS organization in Maryland. She followed her work in Baltimore with a position as Development and Public Relations Director at the National Association of People with AIDS in Washington, DC. In her mid-50s, Joyce began her third career incarnation when she became a self-employed consultant on global HIV/AIDS and health broadcasting in Washington, DC. She traveled to East Africa to research and write case studies on anti-vaccination rumors in three countries. Jean Peelen is a women’s advocate, civil rights attorney, policy writer, model, actress, radio show host, and “Women of a Certain Age” workshop leader. She is the author of Federal policy documents on subjects including the rights of women and girls in sports, the desegregation of public schools, and sexual harassment in schools and colleges. Jean published management articles in The Public Manager, such as “How to Fire a Federal Employee and Stay Sane.” Jean left a position as Chief of Staff of a Federal agency to become an advocate of the power and possibility of women over 50. At age 59, she became a successful model and commercial actor in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Jean also is a National Spokesperson for The Sister Study, a National Institutes of Health Funded study of the sisters of women who have had breast cancer. In this position, she is speaking to “women of a certain age” across the country.
A wonderful book for any woman who is grappling with getting older. Sensitively written, but funny at the same time, buy it for yourself or as a gift for your girlfriends.

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