Angels Whisper to Us
Angels Whisper to Us
Decoding the Messages in Daydreams
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“On a clear sunny day, I received a message from the Archangels. It came as a voice whispering, yet filled every fiber of my being with a ‘knowing’ that daydreams are a doorway to a higher consciousness, a bridge between the physical and spiritual world.”

Everyone daydreams. With Angels Whisper to Us I have created a manual that teaches the reader how to access and understand the guidance, inspiration and acknowledgment that comes to us from Angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on, via our daydreams.

"Why wait for angels to visit you? Lace up your wings and meet them half way. Let Daria take you on a journey to that breathtaking space between Heaven and Earth where you'll find answers to questions about career, family, health and love. Daria has helped me achieve my life's purpose in the most remarkable ways and her greatest joy will come from doing the same for you in this spectacular book full of secrets you'll wish you'd learned years ago!"
Laura Simpson, Executive Director Animal Rescue Chase

INTRODUCTION Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. Edgar Allan Poe All of humanity daydreams. It is a gift we all share. Call it a fantasy, a reverie, a vision, an altered state, it doesn’t matter. We all have experienced it. There exists a commonality about daydreams that poet Robert Browning expresses so beautifully when he writes about being “stung by the splendor of sudden thought.” In every culture, despite all of our differences, we all daydream. I have written Angels Whisper to Us because I passionately believe that daydreams are doorways to a higher consciousness. They deliver messages through which we receive guidance, inspiration and acknowledgment, that come to us from our Angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed on, and are a direct link to our soul. I like to think of the soul as a reflection of God, therefore these messages, regardless of how they are delivered, come from a higher source. On a clear, sunny day, I received a message from the Archangels. It came in the form of a voice whispering that filled every fiber of my being with a “knowing” that daydreams are a doorway to a higher consciousness, a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. But my writing didn’t start out that way. I clearly remember typing away about my life as a psychic medium, growing up with a mother who saw dead relatives, when I heard a voice say: “Angels whisper to us in daydreams.” Let me clarify that: it was more like hearing it as a voice that sounded very different from my own, and seeing it in my mind at the same time. It came as an inspirational thought magnified a thousand times over. But it also came as a vibration which nearly knocked me off my chair, accompanied by waves of goose bumps that caused me to stop. I felt completely humbled. I guess my Angels and spirit guides had a different plan for me then I had for myself. I have always had an intimate relationship with Angels from the time I was a little girl, sensing them in my room and praying for them to protect me. Since then, I’ve been receptive to the energies of Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Raphael and have, over the years, worked to develop a clear communication through meditation. Yet this message was an instant revelation for me. As a child who was repeatedly told by teachers to stop daydreaming and pay attention, I finally felt vindicated. That was the beginning of an ongoing journey. I began to question what actually happens when we daydream. I looked at when it happens [anytime], where it happens [anywhere] and how it happens [through no effort on our part]. How could this be? Why would this seemingly magical ability to daydream so effortlessly be given to us, and what was its function in our life and for our soul? Was it a connection or continuation of our night dreams, or was it something entirely separate? One thing I learned for certain while composing this book, and I use the word composing because I felt like an instrument in the hands of the Archangels, is that if you ask the questions, you will receive the answers. It will usually come to you in a daydream, as an inspired thought, when you are least expecting it. So if we are inspired through daydreams, where does this inspiration actually come from? Everyone speaks about being inspired, but I took this one step further and it actually made perfect sense to me. As a psychic medium I am always asked this question: “How can you tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined?” I tell them that there is no difference. The things we imagine are just as authentic as the things we hold in our hand. We believe that in order for something to be real we have to be able to touch it. But nothing is really solid, that concept is just an illusion as molecules are always in motion. Most of us grow up believing the same thing about daydreams and imagination because we’ve been conditioned to do so. Let’s examine imagination. When we imagine, we visualize something in our mind; the possibilities are infinite. However this imagining is the beginning of the creative process that actually takes something intangible, and manifests it into reality. The advent of quantum physics has thrown loopholes into many long-standing scientific theories. It has been discovered that there are things in this universe that do not appear until you look for them. It is the actual energy of focusing on them that seemingly pulls them out of nowhere. Imagine you are gazing up at the night sky and seeing it completely black, void of stars and other heavenly bodies. You question, “Where are all the stars?” Then you begin to really focus your attention on the sky, and as if on cue, all the stars and planets begin to appear. This concept blew my mind, but when I equate that with what happens when we daydream, that through daydreams we are inspired, then we imagine, and then we create, it resonates as logical, beautiful and true. I now recognize what the Archangels were helping me to understand, like some secret, hidden away until humanity was ready for it to be revealed: that daydreams are the vehicle, the doorway through which this inspiration and information comes to us. With their celestial guidance, I have come to believe that this message is for every man and woman on the planet, and should be taught to our children from birth. This process transcends barriers of race, religion and culture. It replaces fear with faith, and empowers us to trust our intuition. It shows us the necessity of releasing antiquated, control-based beliefs that create confusion and insecurity. This concept of the power of daydreams is so intrinsically simple, how could it not be true? Like the rest of the universe, the deeper you look, the simpler it becomes. When you fall into that state of what seems like suspended animation, a door is opened. You are able to receive messages from a higher vibrational source, and then you are returned to the present moment. You need only to learn how to pay attention to it. Writing this manuscript has been a metaphysical experience. I remember writing the words, and seeing them appear on the page, but they seemed to be coming from a place outside of myself. When I would go back and review a page, I thought, “Did I really write that?” But I understood that the messages coming through me, from what I believe is a Council of Angels, flowed from my hands and onto the page. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that my faith and trust in this hierarchy allowed the process to happen. Imagine my surprise when I realized how beautifully simple and uncomplicated this idea about daydreaming really is. Daydreams create an awakening. They remind us that within us lies the power to manifest whatever we need to accomplish our soul’s mission here on Earth. Next was the monumental task of presenting this extremely unusual idea to the public. I wondered if it would be met with criticism or incredulity. I began to introduce the idea during readings and was delighted with the response: every single person who listened to this idea responded with a positive curiosity; they just never thought about daydreams in that way before. They never really examined their daydreams, or the reason why they daydream at all. It was just something that everyone did, like breathing. But they were ready to listen. Why me, why am I the daydream emissary? I ask myself that question all the time. As a young child I always felt a really strong connection with Angels. They were my guardians, heavenly beings sent to watch over me, standing like sentinels, ready to fight off the demons in my nightmares. Perhaps they prepared me for this role by guiding me as a medium, to be a messenger for others. Or maybe because I have always felt there was something I was supposed to do with my life that was different or unconventional and
Daria Justyn is a psychic medium with an international following, doing readings privately and publicly. She was invited to be a prospective medium for the Veritas Research Program at the University of Arizona, headed by Dr, Gary Schwartz, author of “The Afterlife Experiments”, whose work was featured in a documentary for HBO. She has spent her life cultivating her ability to receive messages from Angelic energies, spirit guides, and souls who have crossed over. Her mission is to help people from all walks of life expand their views of not only the afterlife, but also the here and now. Daria also hosts the radio show "Medium in our Midst" on BBS Radio on the internet, where she discusses the nature of energy, spirituality, psychic development and the endless journey of our soul. Featured guests share their inspiring stories, and Daria takes live calls from those wishing to connect with the "other side". Daria resides at the New Jersey shore. You can read her BLOG or contact her at Her radio show can be found at

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