From Knowledge to Revelation
From Knowledge to Revelation
My Testimony of God’s Mercy and Grace
Perfect Bound Softcover
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From Knowledge to Revelation offers a truly transparent memoir of overcoming circumstances not by education or knowledge, but by revelation. Cynthia Elias lost her dreams, her home, her business, and her reputation to gain revelation and a higher calling from God. At its very best, knowledge is merely hindsight, however, no matter how great the knowledge, there is always the unforeseen. Therefore, having pure knowledge does not insure success.

Success can only be received by revelation. Had Cynthia known all the pitfalls, she would have done things differently. However, with revelation God took the mistakes and worked these out for her good and placed her in a higher plane of living through Jesus Christ. Her testimony demonstrates the power of God that you can acquire in your own life. Your destiny will be very different, but just as transforming, as you give your will to God and allow yourself to be guided and remain in his blood covenant.

Most information gives the promise of knowledge, but only truth gives the revelation of the promise. One's life can come alive from knowledge. However, knowledge dissemination comes in two forms: natural knowledge through head knowledge and spiritual knowledge through revelation. Most of us live by the world. Even Bible knowledge gained without any true impact on one's life results in an intellectual assent rather than a true encounter with the Lord. A person may know and quote beautiful insights of Scripture yet fail to experience God personally in their life. Revelation acquired from the spiritual knowledge of God manifests in God's true and everlasting promises. A radical transformation occurs when one sees the revelation which takes one into a place of understanding God's power. Many agree to the baptism of the Holy Spirit but fail to receive a revelation of the truth and life that exists through the Word of God. Spiritual truth can only be understood by spiritual renewal. These truths of God become life. Revelation leads to a spiritual knowing and manifests beyond intellect, emotions, and into the realm of faith. True revelation comes from God.
Cynthia Kay Elias earned her Masters in Nursing from the University of South Carolina, MBA from Kennesaw University, and a Doctorate and PhD in Naturology from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She spent thirty years in the healthcare industry. She lives with her husband, George, in Gatineau, Quebec; they have seven children.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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