Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing
Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing
Healing Self, Healing Others
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Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong

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Healing Self, Healing Others

Renowned Qigong healer Master Yap Soon Yeong and psychology professor and Qigong trainer Chok C. Hiew team up to release the quintessential guide on the ancient art of Qigong – Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing: Healing Self, Healing Others (published by iUniverse). In Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong Healing, Yap and Hiew detail the meditative movements and practices that allow individuals to begin to heal on a physiological and psychological level. Readers are guided in how to rid the blocked negative energies that is often the root cause of pain, trauma, disease, aging and various chronic issues. Qigong, a centuries-old Chinese system of physical and mental training, has seen a rise in popularity as other Eastern codifications, such as yoga and martial arts, continue to spread in Western societies. Yap and Hiew understand the attractiveness of alternative health care approaches. “Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) Healing stems from the esoteric Qigong tradition in which one actualizes one’s inherent self-healing mechanism to free the mind and body from pain and disease without any external input,” the authors write. “It is a therapeutic approach whose effectiveness in sustaining and extending life and overcoming most known diseases and genetic disorders has been demonstrated. Conventional medicine explains and treats diseases from a physical basis. Eastern holistic medicine goes deeper.” Master Yap Soon Yeong & Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D.

In Qigong energy medicine, the most fundamental principle is that life is the consequence of the presence of a harmonious mind flowing smoothly in the body. Problems arise when mind is separated from the body, a state that robs precious life energy from the body blocking the inherent self-healing mechanism responsible for homeostasis and healthy physiological functioning. Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ) is the primeval life science of re-connecting or keeping mind in the body to become more alive and to live a long and healthy life. The book’s authors, the Founders of CFQ, introduce state-of-the-art healing methods based on authentic internal or energy exercises and meditation techniques. They are original easy-to-learn healing techniques to train on how to remove the common antecedent of disease—the stale energy forces or blockages—to restore life and for self-repair. Psychological and social trauma, chronic pain, disability are rapidly eliminated. CFQ training harmonizes mind, body and spirit holistically instilling a state of deep relaxation and peace as a form of reality. The ultimate purpose is to deepen healing ability for self-care and for healing others.

Preface Qigong: Ancient Science of Life Qigong (pronounced as Chi Kung) is an ancient and original healing art that springs from China historically as far back as six thousand years ago. It predates TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which derived its fundamental principles and philosophy from Qigong. It has developed into an energy medicine or Science of Life that can eradicate disease, increase longevity and advance spiritual transformation. The word Qigong has two parts: Qi meaning air (i.e., transparent and without obstructions) and Gong that means discipline. Qigong implies a discipline or healing practice to arrive at a state of complete mind-body relaxation or harmony that feels like boundless peace free from all obstructions. CFQ Founder Master Yap and renowned Qigong healer defines Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong) as: The ancient art of dealing with the mind and emotions to facilitate the body’s self healing mechanism, overcoming life’s adversities, and resolve the mystery of life. CFQ is about doing something for the sake of nothing (wu wei) by emptying ourselves of blockages the source of all pains and all suffering. It is an ancient healing practice of letting-go in order to free or undo our mind’s attraction to power and the need to hold on and own any power. Non-holding is the key to healing. The dynamic form of CFQ using meridian exercises need to be substantiated by a deeper form, that is, meditation. Our meditation system goes beyond the mind and body at the energetic (or spiritual) level. The goal is transformation in the subconscious energy world to unfolding karma (noxious energy forces) which is clearly felt and seen for it to be effectively harmonized and freed off. There are too many important things to do and the time is too short. If you live 100 years, you only have 36,500 days and already so many days have gone by. Every single day is important in the human pursuit of living well. We have to go beyond physical well being to find out the true meaning of life, which leads to understanding our spiritual origins and purpose in life. In so doing we also stay true to our worldly duty of supporting ourselves, families and humanity. We also try to share this knowledge to all who want such direction. There are enough sufferings, disasters and problems in this world and we certainly want to make it better. We hope to contribute our part in solving disease problems and help others to overcome it. We sincerely hope that readers of this book will feel inspired to embrace CFQ practice for self healing and to develop the ability to help people sickened by trauma, pain and diseases. CFQ Qigong adopts a holistic approach to understand disease causation and its elimination by unifying mind, body and spiritual functioning. The practice of healing qigong begins with dynamic qigong or internal exercises to unblock meridian channels and effective to initiate self healing and then advance to quiescent qigong or meditation for deep-seated recovery. Adherence to the foundations, principles and healing processes are essential for effective outcomes. Foundation #1: Mind Body Reconnection Free the primordial or harmonious mind from the thinking mind to reconnect and embody the liberated mind (bodifulness). Foundation # 2; Nature’s Flow of Life The harmonious flow of mind through the body cleanses and regenerates body cells, tissues, organs, biological systems and regulates physiological functions. This is experienced as a smooth “Qi-flow” characterized as harmony or peace. Foundation #3 Flushing out Disease Energy Effective healing comes from a letting go and non-doing mindset. Qi-flow cleanses the body of stale energy forces that are the blockages that cause disease. They break down, dissolve, and are flushed out to eliminate every problem in the mind and body.
About the Authors Master Yap Soon Yeong is a renowned Qigong and meditation healer and the founder of Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ), an original energy medicine method that he teaches worldwide. His remarkable healing record is described in his biographic bestseller, Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing. He lives in Penang, Malaysia where he runs his famed CFQ Centre. Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D., has been a psychology professor at the University of New Brunswick for more than 30 years. A skilled CFQ trainer, he has authored and published seven books on CFQ training. He has introduced CFQ to North American and international audiences in conference presentations and workshops since 1997. As a trauma specialist, he has also pioneered Qigong techniques internationally as training for those traumatized by exploitation, epidemics, armed conflict, chronic illnesses and natural disasters. Hiew grew up in Malaysia, went to school in Boulder, Colo. He currently lives in Canada.

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