Adventures and Stories about Florida’s Cracker Cowboys
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On a fateful day in 1891, native Texan cowboys Jeremiah Coxin and Earl Ray Remmick meet in a bustling Georgia town. It marks the beginning of a life-long partnership between two friends always eager for the next adventure.

When they hear that cowboys who apply themselves can make a fortune herding scrub cattle, they make their way into central Florida to begin a new life. But they aren’t expecting to battle the Florida elements which include hurricanes, insects, alligators, scrub fires, and the constant heat. The money is good, though, so they stick with it despite a few close calls with death.

Through the years, Jeremiah and Earl Ray have more than their share of adventures. Whether it’s fending off a group of bloodthirsty panthers, interacting with the Seminole Indians, or dodging bullets, the two cowboys always look forward to whatever appears on the horizon. Even during their darkest nights and brightest days, the two cling to their old-fashioned values to see them through.

Drawing on a little known part of Florida’s history, Crackers in the Scrub brings to life the spirit and personality of the scrub cowboys, and reveals their tremendous courage and strength.

The bullet hit the tree limb before the report from the rifle was heard. The next shot hit Earl Rays marsh tackie horse in the head just above the eye. she dropped like a wet rag. and Earl Ray hit the ground causing him to summersault. The next shot ricocheted from the cypress log just behind the dazed cowboy. Earl Ray yelled toJeremiah who was about fifty yards behind him and still out of sight in the scrub, "Stop whar you ere he dun shot my tackie and she's daid. You git down and slow. Watch whar them shots izza comin from. I thank they wont ta shoot from my right, west o' me but a good ways out, cause I heered the shot after my hoss dun been hit by hit and the limb from at turkey oak be whut he dun shot fust, hit fell a' for I heerd tha gun shot."
Miles H. Plowden, III was born in Frostproof, Florida. He attended Mars Hill College in North Carolina and was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Plowden and his wife, Carolyn, live in Lake Wales, Florida, where he enjoys hunting, fishing, writing, and woodworking.

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