Towards A Zero-Cost Economy
Towards A Zero-Cost Economy
A Blueprint to Create General Economic Security in a Carefree Economy
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No matter how one looks at the economic and environmental woes plaguing America, in essence they are simply costs of all kinds—costs that keep escalating and accelerating at the same time. Housing foreclosures, rising energy and food prices, unaffordable healthcare, accumulating credit card debt, bailouts, devaluation of the U.S. dollar, budget deficits, rising unemployment, products built with planned obsolescence and obsolete technologies, global warming, depletion of natural resources, nuclear wastes, wars—all of these represent costs, either recurring, periodic, catastrophic, or of some other type.

What can we do about the plague of cost? We should – and can – get rid of it for good. But how can we do this when everything has a cost of some kind? By implementing the concept of a zero-cost economy, as presented in this book. This blueprint can serve every country in the world, regardless of its specific economic and environmental conditions. The ultimate goal of a zero-cost economy is to create a cost-free and a carefree economy—Carefreeism, defined as economic security in a carefree economy.

Carefreeism serves the general economic interests of all groups of people, from impoverished to the superrich, without being politically tainted by any political party. It is environmentally compatible as well as universally applicable concept. Therefore, the main goal of a conscious and responsible government, whether state or federal, should be to follow the concept of a zero-cost economy, immediately and rigorously, if the human race ultimately is to enjoy general economic security and prosperity in peace.

The Institute for a Zero-Cost Economy promotes policies designed to create the maximum economic security for every citizen in a carefree economy. These policies create wealth for everyone by freezing, then reducing and in some cases eliminating costs which prevent people from accumulating wealth. These policies create secure jobs in America. Every day the costs that we must pay every month increase. Most people are not able to save money and invest for a decent retirement. What will happen to our country when 10’s of millions of people retire and do not have enough money to pay their monthly costs? Homeless shelters in stadiums? By the time you have worked 40 years, you have earned a lot of money, but most people end up with far less than they need. The reason is costs. Costs for energy, housing, cars, insurance, health care, education, the list is endless. And these costs are increasing at an accelerating rate. Many people have already reached the point where their monthly income is no longer enough. The rapid growth of costs exceeding incomes is the result of failed economic policies. A large part of the resulting problems can be solved simply by changing policies. The government and the private sector have plenty of money to solve these problems without more taxes. We simply must make more efficient use of the resources we have, while reducing and eliminating costs which are not necessary. At the same time, we can create millions of secure jobs in the U.S. economy. There are ways to freeze, reduce and even eliminate many costs, simply by changing economic policies. The effects of these simple changes can make every family in the United States economically secure for life, with no more income than they have now. Just imagine how much wealth an average family could accumulate when costs are frozen, reduced or eliminated. What if paying off the mortgage took only 10 years instead of 30 years? On a $200,000 house this could add $300,000 or more to the family’s savings! A policy change could make this happen. What if you only paid for electricity for 7 years instead of your whole life? Believe it or not, this could add $100,000 or more to your retirement account! What if your insurance costs were cut in half? That’s another $100,000 or more in your account. What if your car ran on free electricity instead of gas? And your car lasted 15 years instead of 3 or 4? That’s $100,000 to $200,000 more! What if a college education did not bury a student or the family in debt? What if a trip to the hospital did not threaten you with bankruptcy? The average family could retire in comfortable wealth, enough to sustain them indefinitely through a long and healthy life. Or we can just use our entire incomes to pay interest and insurance and taxes and energy and retire broke. You get the idea. Existing economic policies have brought us massive unemployment, foreclosures, escalating costs for everything. These are just the problems we can see every day. By the time we realize that these policy ultimately will make 10’s of millions of middle-class Americans destitute, as the country pays interest for decades on untold trillions in debt, it will be too late. Who will take care of us if we don’t take care of ourselves? The time for new policies is NOW. The Institute for a Zero-Cost Economy promotes policies which freeze, reduce and even eliminate costs, to create wealth for all people in a stable and carefree economy. These policies will create millions of secure jobs in America.
Farid A. Khavari holds a MA from the University of Hamburg and a PH.D. from the University of Bremen, Germany in economics. He is author of nine books, published in the U.S., Germany and Iran. He has also written numerous articles on energy, economics and politics published in economic journals and other publications in the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, former Yugoslavia and Iran. From 1977 -80, he was also an editor for raw materials at Entwicklungspolitische Information, a German economic journal. He is currently the chairman of the Institute for a Zero-Cost Economy, Inc.

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