After Humanity 50008
After Humanity 50008
(+- a few million years)
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"There is only one race… the human race. All the subsets of the race, with whatever interpretations of their distinct environments they have adopted as strategy for survival… whatever physical or psychological attributes evolved due to the need to survive in those environments… all of these were environmentally caused. Any subset of the human race should be more accurately referred to as tribes, nations, ethnic groups, and etc. There is only one race of Humans, and they are us. There is only one planet we live on, and it is a Human planet. Use strength, courage, compassion, honesty, intellect, and responsibility as your guide in every moment, and we cannot go wrong."
Those who seek to repress the Human spirit, for whatever primitive reasons, and by whatever primitive means, are hard-pressed to find a substitute for truth. They must rely on fantasy, fiction, false myths, propaganda, repression, threats of force, deceptions, torture, politics of fear and etc. in place of truth. That strategy is doomed to failure. In the past, humanity has used many unique strategies while we struggled with environmental obstacles such as weather, volcanic eruptions, and wild beasts. The strategies humanity developed to overcome those obstacles were highly successful in dealing with short term issues such as finding food and shelter and preventing depredations of wild beasts. As societies grew and spread across the globe, many societies found themselves in conflict with one another. As might be expected in societies of humans who had not yet fully developed the abilities of their minds… many human societies resorted to the same strategies… those that had previously evolved to deal with beasts and environmental obstacles… as a means of dealing with the new issues of societal interaction; all be it in many cases the old strategies were renamed and falsely presented as being new strategies; when in fact they were simply clumsy and unimaginative adaptations of much older strategies. This failure to encompass strategies that in fact utilized the full capabilities of the human mind has from time to time acted as a serious impediment to human evolution, and resulted in repression of the successful long-term survival of the human race. In the present after more than 50,000 years, perhaps as much as several million years of societal growth and development, and the spread of humanity across the globe in huge numbers; with many large distinct surviving populations; along with a highly developed technological base; it becomes more and more clear that the old strategies are no longer viable. The world has changed, the environment has changed, and we must adapt. The real enemies are not wild beasts and finding food. The real enemies are not other humans who, like ourselves, desperately seek ways to survive. The real enemies are the ingrained primitive strategies that now limit the full utilization of our unique human abilities to meet new challenges.
Sometime philosopher, sometime student, sometime soldier, sometimes just another pilgrim... I have lived it and seen it in reality. From visiting foreign countries while in the U.S. armed forces, to hitchhiking across the USA during the early 70's as a 15 year old runaway from a broken home, my experiences are widely varied... and have profoundly affected my perceptions of the world we live in. In spite of all the struggle, my human spirit refuses to be subjugated, my search for answers will never stop, no matter what the next obstacle may be. Along the way I learned much. I am better for it. My strategy has developed and matured as a result of the lessons. God, or The Great Spirit, or simply the unknowable all that I usually express as God, due to my initial training in Western Christian belief systems, blessed me with valuable experiences. I learned, I went on, and now I have something to share with the rest of humanity. Whether you find it valuable or not means little to me. Yet I hope and pray we all can agree that human rights and human laws and human standards for behavior are common ground for all humans. I believe those ideals should take precedence over religion, economy, politics, and everything that we do. That is my personal perception. I force it on no one, but I invite you to consider it. Are we not all human? The State of Oregon, USA is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Seashore, mountains, desert, forest... Oregon has it all. Not only that, but there is a significant and intelligent concern about the environment among the people. There is a willingness to consider alternate means of providing energy that is inherently admirable and right. I have my doubts about some of the more predatory and exploitative influences I have seen, but overall the environment in Oregon helped me overcome obstacles to writing. My thanks to all those who helped, wherever they may be.

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