A Twist of Sand
A Twist of Sand
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Stein saw the white death in front of him and blenched. His face turned a sickly green and he pulled out the Luger.
“Get back!” he screamed. “Astern, astern!” He groped madly for the telegraph, pitching John, who was at the wheel, on the plating of the bridge.
I was afraid of Stein, but I was scared to death of the sand-bars of the Curva dos Dunas.
“You bloody fool!” I shouted. As I spun the wheel back I hit Stein across the face with the back of my left hand and he went reeling to his knees…

“The reader reaches the last page panting.” –Sunday Times

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Geoffrey Jenkins was born in 1920 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and educated in the old Transvaal, where he wrote his first book-a legal history-at the age of seventeen. After leaving school he worked as a sub-editor in Zimbabwe, later becoming a newspaperman in both Britain and South Africa. He combined a most successful career in journalism with a life-long interest in the sea, and his knowledge of ships and sailing has provided the background to many of his novels. His first novel, A Twist of Sand, was published in 1959 and immediately became a bestseller; it was later filmed. Eight more most successful novels followed having sold over five million copies in twenty-three different languages.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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