Beyond the Olive Grove
Beyond the Olive Grove
Volume Two of The Magdala Trilogy: A Six-Part Epic Depicting a Plausible Life of Mary Magdalene and Her Times
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Joshua, Maria, and Linus Flavian determine their destinies. From the Nazirite and Essenic sects to the burgeoning fishing industry on the Sea of Galilee, Joshua and his band of followers are led from obscurity to the portals of the Roman prefect in a movement poised to change the world. Th ey are members of a healing ministry that concerns the Jewish authorities that are striving for survival and security under the umbrella of Rome. Accidentally, Maria of Magdala becomes a part of this movement, and is left with an awesome responsibility. Linus Flavian pits Roman pride and ambition against a Galilean past.

The second in the dramatic new series, The Magdala Trilogy, Beyond the Olive Grove provides a fascinating commentary on the origins of Christianity that is both challenging and yet plausible, incorporating traditional beliefs, fictitious thoughts, and new controversial interpretations. With vivid prose and compelling characters, Beyond the Olive Grove offers a captivating glimpse into Biblical times.

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Peter Longley graduated with a master's degree in theology from Cambridge University in 1970. He was a licensed lay reader and preacher in the Anglican Church, both in Ireland and the United States. Since 1977, he has lived in the United States and for several years has supported the Weststar Institute.

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