You Can’t AFFORD to Break Up
You Can’t AFFORD to Break Up
How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind Can Save Your Relationship
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The tough economic times can affect even the most stable relationships. Breaking up isn’t the only answer; it can be rough both emotionally and financially. But by taking stock of your relationship with your partner and a little work, you can stay together and be happy. In this self-help book, actress Stacey Nelkin and therapist Paul Schienberg collaborate and offer ideas to help you jump-start your love life.

Filled with relevant real-life illustrations and stories, You Can’t Afford to Break Up offers insightful and thought-provoking tips for saving relationships. It teaches you how to:

  • Achieve open, honest communication to invigorate your relationship
  • Use fantasy, acting, and the power of imagination to inject your relationship with variety and excitement
  • Spice up your relationship while staying within your personal boundaries
  • Focus on the emotional connections between romance and finance
Geared toward couples in all stages of a relationship, You Can’t Afford to Break Up encourages you to be proactive and use your imagination to be sexy and have fun. You can’t afford to break up; save your relationship and save money. All you need is an empty wallet and a dirty mind.
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Stacey Nelkin is a celebrated actress who began her career in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall when she was a teenager. Paul Schienberg is a prominent psychologist with a multidisciplinary practice in the fields of forensic, clinical, and organizational psychology. Visit them online at

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