Calming the Chaos
Calming the Chaos
A drug-free program to eliminate the symptoms of ADHD
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My primary goal is to help all children and adults with this disorder and to provide them with the opportunity to learn how to become motivated, successful learners, to receive social acceptance, and to live drug-free.

My secondary goal is to help parents of children with ADHD and adults with ADHD realize that the guilt or shame felt, due to the resulting problems, need not be a continual burden. Many of my clients have indicated that they were made to feel responsible for their child’s anti-social and inappropriate behaviour and that their approach to parenting was the cause. For the over 1000 families with whom I’ve worked, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every one of the parents indicated they had tried every conceivable approach recommended: parenting classes, psychotherapy, marriage counseling, medication, behaviour modification techniques, etc. with limited success. With this group of families, the majority had tried, or were still using, medication as a means of controlling the symptoms. None were content to use medication as a long-term approach and hence their interest in a drug-free alternative…

Please remember that a journey takes time and it is completed one step at a time.

If you are a parent struggling with the problems caused by having a child with ADHD, this approach may provide answers to resolving those problems. If you help to eliminate the underlying causes of ADHD, you will enable your child to be what he/she was meant to be. By completing the questionnaire and linking revealed information resulting from ADHD symptoms, you will identify problematic areas.

Upon completion of her doctorate, which identified characteristics commonly found in students with ADHD, Dr. Sandra Starr designed a program to teach the role nutritional deficiencies play in this disorder. A generic program has been found to work for most, and has been successfully implemented for the past fifteen years with thousands of families. Clients have provided personal progress reports revealing evidence of physical, behavioural, and cognitive improvements which identified the link between symptoms and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The vitamin regimen outlined has been shown to build strength in the immune system, and over time will eliminate the symptoms that gave rise to the ADHD label.

Dr. Starr has been engaged in pro bono work for the past four years and as a result of this work, clients have encouraged her to publish her research.

Q and A from Dr. Starr's clients: Q. My child has taken Ritalin™ and many other drugs over the course of several years. How long will it take until he can be off the drugs? A. The drug manufacturer of Ritalin™ advises a daily drug holiday (after school to morning), along with a drug holiday on weekends. After your child has been on the program and is showing positive signs, start monitoring his behaviour more closely on Saturdays and Sundays. My clients have told me that when they noticed a change, they decided to try a drug-free Monday. If no complaints came from the school, they tried another day without the drugs. Other parents have tried cutting down the amount on a daily basis (i.e. instead of 2 pills, only 1-½). Over a period of a month or so, the child has successful been weaned off the medication. Q. How easy is it to have my child start the program? A. It has been my experience that school-age children find the information empowering because they now understand just what has caused their problem and they gain insight into their behaviours and what causes them. This then allows them to shed the negative views about themselves. When you know what is causing the problem, you too will view your child differently, and will be able to take positive action instead of being pulled into his/her chaos.
Sandra Starr, Ed.D. is a teacher, administrator, researcher, lecturer, and author with over forty years working with children and adults. She is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers. Her easy-to-follow program teaches how to eliminate the symptoms of ADHD without the use of drugs.

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