Blue Garden
Blue Garden
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Blue Garden gets its name from the view the astronauts had of planet Earth from dark space. They saw a strikingly lonely, beautiful “blue garden.” The book is composed of four interconnected parts. The first, “Garden of Silence,” reflects on the specific, subtle shades of everlasting meaning that permeates silence. This part consists of fourteen poems, all relating to one prose piece. The next two parts, “Garden of Light” and “Garden of Shade,” strive to explore human virtues and then our vices. Using the method of hyb-writing, each of twenty-four poems is followed by a short, corresponding prose companion. Some of these diverse stories are based on factual events, others are mostly fiction, some even science-fiction. The fourth part, “Mediterranean Gardens,” touches on concepts of beauty and joy, hailing the creative powers of the great unknown.

Blue Garden is a charitable project in the form of a book. All royalties from this volume go to the Leprosy Mission Canada, helping to cure leprosy in children. Early leprosy is perfectly curable. If fifty-two people buy it, together they give back a normal life to that child. It could be as simple as that…

All the invited people sitting and celebrating by the long table, and the joy of life readily mingle. Since joie de vivre seems innately multilingual, it equally fluently speaks Greek, Hebrew, Croatian, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, unbelievably, even without a trace of an accent. Now predictably empowered, joy of life involves itself in the lively and friendly, healthily circumvented local conversations. Taking time, it eats with the relaxed appetite an array of introductory mini-samples, from the simple plates painted in harmonious colours. Simultaneously, and also properly taking time, it drinks plain but fairly robust wine from the thick, durable glasses. Afterwards, the elated joy of life tends to surprisingly aptly sing, and frequently motivates some local musical instruments to respond accordingly. When that takes place, it would be most natural of it to just dance to that lively, soul-uplifting music. In some places along the unending, rugged coastline, the joy of life seems to be particularly fond of dancing in human circles. They are dynamically if transitorily drawn in the early evening’s air by peoples holding hands, or friendly putting them on their neighbours’ shoulders while smiling, and dancing together….
Witold Poplawski, once a coal miner, factory worker, and university lecturer, is a psychologist in Ontario. An award-winning author, he has been honored with a decoration of Merit to Polish Culture, as well as an Exceptional Achievement Award for Humanitarian Service from Ontario Government.

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