Leading from the Heart
Leading from the Heart
What Workers Say about Good Leaders
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In Leading from the Heart, an experienced executive provides valuable insight for current and future leaders on managerial techniques for achieving worker satisfaction and higher productivity. John Heie relies on more than thirty-five years of corporate business experience that included leading a staff of over 1,000; to share the lessons he discovered in the trenches while learning to become an effective leader. Heie offers sound leadership principles, ways to embrace and implement change, and shares the twelve attributes workers really want from their leaders that include: • A say in shaping vision • Conversations about values • Rewards for effecting constructive change • Freedom to make decisions • Encouragement and resources that enable growth • Recognition of accomplishments • An open invitation to speak and be heard As Heie leads beginning managers through the steps to become caring leaders, he proves time and time again that workers are the key to an organization’s success because when the workers are fulfilled, happy, and loved, the rewards are enormous for everyone.
What can 86 more pages possibly add to the 19,000 plus books on leadership found on Barnes Noble’s website? Four things. First: the vast majority of books on leadership are written from the perspective of the leader. This book focuses on the perspective of the worker, asking the questions, “ What do workers want from their leaders so that they feel fulfilled in their jobs? What will motivate them?” Second: many leadership books focus on one slice of the leadership pie, such as vision or communications. This book takes a holistic view by pointing to the connections between the slices. For example, how is vision related to values? What is the proper linkage between performance and rewards and recognition? How is communications related to trust? There are at least 12 pieces of the leadership puzzle, all of which need to cohere. Third: the commonsense principles enumerated in this book are not the result of armchair speculation in an ivy-covered tower. They reflect some lessons learned “in the trenches,” while trying to be an effective leader during my 35 years of experience in the corporate world. Fourth: I have written this short primer primarily for “beginners” who are taking their first managerial plunge. It is not my intention to provide detailed elaborations on any aspect of the overview I present. Rather, my intention is to present a “big-picture” outline that will provide a framework for each reader to fill in the details that are pertinent to their new leadership responsibilities. I hasten to note the grizzled veterans can also benefit by reviewing these basic principles.
John Heie has had thirty-five years of corporate business experience that included a role as Director of Business Operations at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he led a staff of 1,300. He currently is a consultant in the area of strategic planning.

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