Deadly Denial
Deadly Denial
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Leonard Winkler mourns the death of his young daughter, Melissa. She has been diagnosed with leukemia, but the health insurance company denied the treatment that may have saved her life. Now, Leonard plots revenge on the doctors who treated Melissa, as well as the hospital and insurance company. He wants everyone to pay for Melissa’s death.

Meanwhile, the healthcare debate rages in the United States. Arizona Senator Sam Richards plans to rewrite the way medical care is financed, and he’s joined forces with Martin Henderson, CEO of Marker Health, an insurance conglomerate poised to become the “universal healthcare” administrator. Senator Cynthia “Maddi” Madison can’t decide if Martin is truly a decent man trying to improve situations for everyone or if he is an opportunist seeking a chance to profit.

As Maddi tackles the issue of healthcare reform, she finds herself pitted against a formidable and dangerous colleague. What begins as a healthy senate debate gradually becomes a fight to the death—a good and evil battle for victory. She realizes that she and her friends are in danger as they work for a solution to the healthcare problems facing Americans.

Leonard bristled as he thought of the many steps he had taken to try to avoid having to carry out his drastic retribution. Hospital administrators, insurance administrators, lawyers, and Dr. McKinney herself had all been approached and had all treated him with pity and disregard- as one might treat a child when he loses his favorite toy. This infuriated Leonard, and after many months of thinking it through, he knew this was his only recourse. And the plan seemed to give him new life. A fire seemed to light his soul each day, and it was the recurring purpose to his life- now that his only true purpose for living had been taken away from him. Not by God, but by the hands of insurance administrators who only cared about shareholders, and hospital administrators who only cared about the bottom line, and doctors who only cared about getting the patient out the door so they could get out of the office and go have fun at some country club. And the lawyers...they were the worst of all.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Winkler, but this case has no merit. We can't really sue the insurance company, after all. It's written right here on page seventy-four of your contract....."

What a bunch of crap! Leonard was getting more and more agitated as he recalled his efforts over the last year, and he felt the agony once again, consuming him like a dark cloud, covering him from the inside out, wrapping his soul in the darkness and the helplessness that only the loss of a child brings.

He kept staring at Dr. McKinney as she walked into the clinic. "Just one part of the puzzle," he thought. He started his car and returned to his home at the university.

Dr. Jill Vosler has lived in Eaton, Ohio the majority of her life, and has practiced medicine in this small town for nearly twenty years. She has been married to her husband, John for seventeen years, and has two children, Joey and Jackie. She has always been interested in politics, appreciating how the decisions of a few men and women in Washington, D.C. can impact so many of us in this country. She is also mindfully aware of how these decisions affect the practice of medicine. This interest is what drives much of her writing. Dr. Vosler is also the author of Legal Larceny, a novel which deals with the impact that the American legal system has had on the practice of medicine, and on the nation as a whole. Both Legal Larceny and Deadly Denial involve many of the same characters, making the stories that much more appealing as the reader becomes acquainted with the characters and shares their stuggles and their accomplishments throughout both books.

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