A Journey from Within
A Journey from Within
Ways to Understand the Self
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Using real-life examples and anecdotes, this self-improvement handbook provides a guide for helping you find your true inner self and recognizing your true potential.

Have you lost yourself in the day-to-day grind? In today’s hectic and self-serving society, it’s easy to do. It’s difficult to gain a grasp on how to best understand who you really are and how to find yourself. In A Journey from Within, author Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran presents a guide to finding and discovering your inner self and identifying your true life objectives and desires.

Using real-life examples from regular people, A Journey from Within helps you find ways to best learn about you and how to be a better person. Ramcharran defines “self” and the nature of human behavior and provides advice for how to:

• become more aware;

• discover your true being;

• find your inner courage;

• reflect and turn negatives to positive;

• fight your fears.

In this self-improvement handbook, Ramcharran provides a guide to show you how to break the limitations of your mind, discover you, and build the framework needed to achieve your goals. The self becomes a symbol for life and you must live it, enjoy it, make it active, and discover it.

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Ram P. Ramcharran, PhD, is behavioral counselor as well as an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He co-founded Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas, an online global university. Ramcharran also wrote Reflections of Life. He and his wife have three sons and live in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

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