Life is about Choices
Life is about Choices
Creating our Reality
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Our lives are a continuous series of daily choices, and the consequences of our choices should be intentional. Are you a bystander watching your life events unfold in a random fashion? Or do you recognize and make deliberate choices? In Life is about Choices, author Ed Scott details the myriad issues involved in making the important decisions in life.

Scott examines the relationship of human consciousness, synchronicity, and the law of attraction. Because our beliefs and our dominant thoughts create our reality, what we have thought about in the past has attracted our world of today, and that which we believe and think about today will determine our future reality. This ancient law of attraction is constantly at work in our creative universe as cause and effect.

A global resurgence of spirituality asks that we examine our core beliefs and values in order to awaken to a new reality. Life is about Choices offers techniques and suggestions for awakening to that new reality and for finding optimal health, financial security, and purpose in a meaningful existence, to find and return to our true spiritual being.

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Ed Scott was a police officer for thirty-six years and is a military veteran. He has traveled extensively and has examined religion and spirituality in different cultures. He writes from his experience and writes in a conversational style that many find engaging and inspiring. Scott is the author of Photo Poems and Wisdom of the Heart: Creating Your Own Reality. Retired, he and his wife live in northern Wisconsin.

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