Ten Keys to a Woman's Heart
Ten Keys to a Woman's Heart
A Book for Men about Women
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a great relationship? Or have a satisfying sex life instead of one step beyond self-gratification? Isn’t it your heart’s desire for your wife to look at you with eyes of admiration? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you’ve picked up the right book!

Ten Keys to a Woman’s Heart is not a sex manual or a quick fix. It’s a book of ten easy to follow steps that can change your lifeless marriage into a vibrant one. As you employ these simple steps, you will experience a resurgence in your relationship that is fulfilling and satisfying to you both.

Waking up with a smile is only pages away.

This book is invaluable to newlyweds as well as marriage veterans. Learn how to keep your relationship fresh and alive for many years to come!

• Kissing
• Dating
• Gift Giving
• Non-Sexual Touching

Learn why these expressions of love are so important to a woman.

“A great guide that every man needs to read to become a more loving and supportive husband.”
Jared Wood, US Army.

“This book is a must-read for all men. As husbands and future husbands, we need the insight delivered in this book!”
Israel Aaron Cowart, Pastor of Live Oak Church of God.

Step One The Kiss Ah...the kiss. What’s in a kiss? Passion, love, friendship? Do you remember the oldies song, “It’s In His Kiss”? It’s true. A woman can tell a lot about a man by how he kisses. Is he stingy with his kisses, sloppy, or in a hurry? Does he take his time to kiss and kiss well? The same old boring thing is just that, boring. Have you kissed the same way since high school? Then it’s definitely time for a change. On the way home from a long trip, my boyfriend and I decided to pass the time trying out different styles of kissing. (We weren’t driving.) It taught me there’s more than one way to kiss and I’ve never forgotten it. Kissing is an art and it can be learned. It’s also fun! And nothing but nothing, gets a woman ready to make love like some good kissing. So, learn, baby, learn. Feeling the softness of your partner’s lips, chewing on them, kissing them one at a time, feeling the moistness of her mouth is delightful, but brings up an important point. Swallow! Swapping spit is as exciting as it sounds. And please use a breath mint if you think you need one. Kissing is also interesting after drinking something extremely hot or cold. Enjoy the sensation and each other. Explore. Be playful. It’ll become serious business soon enough. How do you get to that point? Look into her eyes and proceed to kiss her softly and slowly, (without laughing.) Passion is sure to follow. One reason is because you’re taking your time. Letting her know she’s worth it. Want to score really big points? Kiss her and don’t push for anything more. Instead, hold her face, feel her hair, or if you’re standing, hold her hands, intertwining fingers. She’ll feel loved and cherished and that’s the feeling you’re going for. It may be hard but it’ll be worth the effort. After implementing these suggestions, just the thought of kissing will make your sex life considerably more interesting. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want to be kissed and held. Learn the art of kissing and she’ll be putty in your hands. TIP: Don’t swallow her face! Match lip to lip (that’s where the nerve endings are) and take turns playing follow the leader. Letting her lead will show you what she likes.
Faith Richards is an educator and single mom from southeast Georgia. Through her divorce and two year Internet addiction, Ms. Richards surmised that if men could learn how to love their wives, marriages would be saved. It’s with that desire and intent, she imparts the knowledge in this book.

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