When You Came into My Life
When You Came into My Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Irene found out she had a heart condition. Brent, her fiancee, is also her Cardiologist. He has to operate and for that, they have to postpone their wedding. Irene almost died, and they decided to get married anyway. She collapsed at the altar and they have to rush her to the hospital for a second heart surgery. After a very slow convalescence, Brent and Irene get married.
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Blanca Moore wrote poetry all her life, her local newspaper published them. Blanca met James Moore, who worked in the off-shore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Although her mother was set against their relationship, they fell in love and married when he went back after her from Borneo. They have a son, James Merle, born in Scarborough, England. And a daughter, Lois Alexys, born in Beaumont, Texas. After she married, they went to England where she took high school English. Her husband traveled with his company and took her to Australia where she went to Edwards Business School. She took computer programing and business. When they went to Singapore, she enrolled in the University of Singapore to take English Literature classes. Always eager to learn, she took different art classes, also.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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