Dr. Judittle
Dr. Judittle
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The author has always talked to animals and they have communicated with her but not in the traditional Dr. Dolittle way. From early childhood she has never been without an animal to cherish. In this book, she relates humorously some of her experiences in raising and caring for animals.

Dr. Judittle is candid in expressing her lack of knowledge in animal care which adds to the hilarity in some of her encounters with unpredictable animals. From a runaway chipmunk to the hair tingling growl of a baby gray fox, she finds a way to relate to these creatures. While rescuing animals, she has crawled through attics, slithered under cars, and paddled through murky waters.

These true tales of animal adventures focus on the life and death of animals, their unconditional love and sometimes laughter, their inspirational presence, and their ridiculous behavior. It also points to the God of creation who uses animals in unimaginable ways to minister to mankind.

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Judean W. Etheredge has worked as a social worker and counselor. She has a doctorate in pastoral counseling and a veterinary assistant degree. She has loved and worked with animals all her life. She and her husband Richard live in rural south Alabama.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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