Escape to Baja
Escape to Baja
The Journey of Six American Survivors of a Nuclear Holocaust
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As the Doomsday Clock inches closer to midnight, ten men sit at a meeting table underground and prepare to launch a nuclear attack against the world. With a goal of using missiles to scourge the earth of unbelievers, the men all agree that whatever happens from this point on is the will of God. As their evil plan falls into place, no one in the United States has any idea that in just two weeks, their nation will be destroyed.

From a bunker deep beneath Jerusalem, the order comes to attack and everything changes in an instant. As mushroom clouds hang over Israel, Mike; his wife, Brie; and their daughter, Claire watch the news in their San Diego home—unaware that in a matter of hours, they too will be on a perilous quest for survival. As the gates of hell open up and obliterate everything around them, Mike, his family, and a few other survivors have no choice but to steal across the border into Mexico, beginning an odyssey of violence and death that leads them straight to a small island in the Gulf of Cortez.

In this gripping tale with unanticipated twists and turns, Mike and his family embark on a dangerous journey to find a better life and soon discover that they will do anything to stay alive.

Chapter 32, Brie’s Choice

Brie was sitting at the dining area table when Frank entered the room. She turned her face to him to acknowledge his presence, but didn’t focus on his face. She tried to keep from visibly trembling, but she was terrified after what she’d seen happen to Jim out front, and terrified of what might come next.

Frank walked over to the table and stood next to her. “I’m sorry what happened. That Pliers is a crazy bastard. If you people just co-operate and do what we tell you, nobody else will get killed.”

Brie spoke in a quiet, tight voice, controlling her fear with a great effort. “Are you going to turn me or my daughter over to that…” she hesitated, “that fucking animal?”

Frank moved closer and looked down at her. “Look,” he answered, “I need those guys. If the cops or some of the Mexican army show up, I might need them real bad.”

Frank’s voice changed to a conciliatory tone that made Brie shudder inwardly. “If you do good, I’ll keep you and your daughter up here at the main house with Pete and me.”

Brie was sure she knew what he meant by doing good, and she fought back feelings of fear and disgust. ”What about Maria?” she asked, part of her wanting to accept his offer, but hating the idea of being with Pete and Frank, and hating the idea of what might be happening to Maria right now.

“I got to give Frisco and Pliers something. She’s just a Mexican peasant woman. They’re used to men like them.”

He moved behind her. Despite her attempts at self control, she jumped a little when he put his hands on both of her shoulders, leaning against the back of her chair.

As he massaged her shoulders lightly, she forced herself to remain outwardly calm. He spoke in a low voice. “You now, you’re real class. I always wanted a woman like you.”

She spoke in quick short bursts to keep the trembling out of her voice. “What about my daughter? She’s injured.”

He continued to caress her shoulders but also wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck. “Hey, what happens, happens. Pete’s my good buddy. We take care of each other. We share everything.” He put additional emphasis on that last word.

Brie made a quick decision. She had to spare Claire as long as she could and try to find a chance to get back at these men.

She turned in her chair and looked up at Frank. “Why don’t you let her rest and get better. You and Pete could share me. I can take care of both of you.”

Frank’s face turned dark with lust. He smiled but the smile had no humor in it. “Both at once?”

She stood up in front of him. She wanted to turn away, but she looked straight into his face. “If that’s what you want. I might like that as much as you do.”

“Goddamn,” he said. He put his hands on her shoulders again and ran them slowly down over her breasts and cupped them. “I think you’re really something. I think Pete and I would really like that.”

He turned her around and pulled her back against him, putting his left hand over her breast and his right hand between her legs. She could feel his penis growing against her buttocks. He breathed into her hair and spoke in a low voice. “That’s the office down at the end of the hall. You go down there and wait for us. As soon as Pete is done tying up the men, we’ll come there and see if you’re as good as you look, and sound.”

She let herself stay leaning against him. She had to ask him something. She was going to kill him the first chance she got, but she had to ask him something first.

“Why did you smile?’

“What do you mean?” he asked, his fingers pushing into her through her clothing.

“Why did you smile when we told you San Diego was gone?”

His fingers stopped, but he still held her against his body. “That was your world. Your world is gone. It’s my world now. No rules, just the meanest son of a bitch wins.”

He continued, almost philosophically. “I seen a movie once, about the middle ages. Everybody lived in castles because that was the only way to be safe. This one guy lived in a big stone tower. He was the senor of the castle. He could have any woman around. That’s me. I’m the senor of this castle and I want you.”

He released his grip and gave her a pat on her buttocks. “Now, you go take a shower if you want to. You get ready, and Pete and I will be back as soon as we get the men locked up. Your daughter’s locked in her room and I got the key. Just don’t try to leave, and don’t try anything funny, or Pliers gets your daughter.”

Tom Langelier attended three universities, was once employed in communications intelligence in the National Security Agency, and has sailed and traveled all over the world. He currently lives in Michigan, where he enjoys keeping fit by sailing on the Great Lakes.


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