Why Judas was Born to Betray Jesus
Why Judas was Born to Betray Jesus
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Discover the truth about God’s relationship with Judas Iscariot in this groundbreaking book that helps believers understand the important role that the betrayer played in saving humanity. Debra L. Griffin felt compelled to write this book after watching The Passion of the Christ. It was after watching the film that she heard God command her to write a book on why Judas was born to betray Jesus. Researching the subject in detail, Griffin shares her knowledge. Discover: • What the young Judas Iscariot was like • How Judas accomplished what he was meant to do • Why Judas is in heaven • What makes the Christian life a successful life • And many more important revelations! Learn why Judas was chosen to be the bridge to Christ's crucifixion. His betrayal neatly fit into God’s plan, who is the Creator and sustainer of all creation, and who knows all, including the end before the beginning. Divine secrets are revealed in Why Judas was Born to Betray Jesus.
Centuries before he was born, Judas's destiny was ordained. It was inevitable. Not Judas himself nor the whole nation of the Jews, which he represented, nor all the powers of earth or heaven could keep him from betraying our Lord or from buying the Field of Blood. Jesus formed our inward parts and covered us with flesh in our mother’s womb. Our frame was not hidden from him, even though we were made in secret and skillfully wrought. I wish I had died before anyone saw me. I wish I had never been born! I wish I had been carried straight from my mother’s body to the grave! Aren’t my few days almost over? Leave me so I can have a moment of joy. Turn away before I go to the place I cannot return. It is the land of darkness and deep shadow, where even the light is like darkness. Before I was form in the womb, Lord you knew me. Before I was born, you sanctified me and ordained me an apostle for the generations and all nations. The following excerpt is from a poem entited "Judas, My Son" by John Piper. For generations without shame Iscariot had been a name In Kirioth that everyone could trust, until the only son of Simon came of age and broke His father's heart. The common folk had thought it strange that Simon stayed unmarried after Mary laid her fevered head on Simon's chest and died before her swollen breast gave one day's milk. He never told his parents why, nor did they scold or press him for another wife. For thirty years, he lived his life a widower with one great goal: To love his son and save his soul. No one but Simon knew what she had said that night. It was a plea, and full of boding pain. She said," I fear, my love, that we have bred a child of woe. And I have dreamed a dream this night wherein it seemed that something out of the abyss is here, and if he should but kiss, it would mean death. O Simon, what have I brought forth, and we begot? What evil deed and endless blot upon the name Iscariot?" He held her in the candlelight and fearful quietness all night." Dear Simon, can you see the dawn?" "Not yet. The night is not yet gone. ""For me it is," she said, "and O, that I could take the boy and go! Or second best: that he had not been born! O love, no matter what He does . . . or is, do not despair or sink in utter gloom, or bear what is not yours to bear. Come near. Think not that you have failed, nor fear that God's unworthy of your trust or that in this he is unjust."
Debra L. Griffin, a Mississippi native, graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, and Mississippi College, Clinton. She spent twenty years as a hospital administrator and reaffirmed her faith in God when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a member of Word of Faith in Jackson, Mississippi.

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