Baby's Bedtime Poems
Baby's Bedtime Poems
Sleepy Time Rhymes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book instills positive thoughts of the days ahead. The right stages in your mind can strengthen your relationship with your baby. It relaxes your mind and takes you to a happy place. Watch your baby learn and grow peacefully. This book renews your baby’s state of mind. If your baby thinks positive thoughts the baby will become a peaceful and happy baby. Sweet love words have been spoken in this book. Read these beautiful poems to your baby and watch them calm down or even go to sleep. Th e poems have been written with tender love and care. This is an explosion of something so beautiful, you’ll say wow! These poems will expand your baby’s imagination.



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Hi, I'm Norma Austin a homemaker and mother of three. I enjoy reading and inventing new products. I was inspired to develop this idea as a result of having grandchildren that loves bedtime poems. I have been working on marketing and developing this book of soft poems for the past several months. I love to write short stories and poems. Even as a child my imagination was beyond what most people can imagine. I live here in Detroit MI and I love to brainstorm ideas for my poems. My inspiration is my daughter Shermeka and my grandchildren Devon and Shanira. I remember my daughter growing up and how I used to make up bedtime stories for her. I do the same thing for my grandchildren and they love them.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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