Your Never-Ending Life
Your Never-Ending Life
Book 1 of the Universal Learning Series
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What is life? Where is life? Planet Earth is where exactly? Why are you here? Why does no human being look the same? Why do we all act and think differently? Why do we all love? Why do we all hate? How many billions of other galaxies are there in the universe? What is the force of the universe? What created the universe? Why?
The Earth is part of the Milky Way galaxy and the known living universe. This universe is a living dimension of divine creation. The living dimensions are endless, so their sizes are immeasurable. Let’s put this knowledge into perspective somewhat. Based on our current knowledge of astronomy, the Milky Way Galaxy contains approximately 400 billion stars: four hundred billion, hot, glowing, gas balls! Not forgetting the sun in our solar system, which we consider the be all and end all, as it warms us and sustains planetary life, is only one of these: only one! Astronomers estimate that there are approximately 125 billion galaxies in the known universe and they estimate the number of stars to be 1 x 1022: this equates to one plus twenty-two zeros. Now that is a lot of stars! These figures are based on what we know at this time in human development. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Modern science has advanced greatly in the last 100 years and has accumulated more data to confirm their hypothesis of universal creation, with big bang theories and so on. These discoveries are amazing, and the scientific communities have my admiration and utmost respect. Because of scientific advancement, many people are now asking the question: “Did God really create this universe and our world?” Some claim the big bang theory happened over 13 billion years ago, and the perception of God and divine creation is irrelevant because it was too long ago for Him to be involved. Well, let me ask you two simple questions: “Who exactly created this Big Bang and why?”
Sandy Andrew is the founder of the Universal Learning Series. A book series and talk radio show that is dedicated to bring awareness of the scientific and spiritual universe to the mainstream of life. He grew up in small villages in Scotland and England. At age twenty, he emigrated to South Africa and then in1999 at the still young age of 27, moved to Dallas, Texas, fulfilling his lifelong dream of living in the United States of America. Academically Sandy has studied globally from Bedford, England; Johannesburg, South Africa; Laguna Hills, California; to Atlanta, Georgia, earning multiple trade certificates and academic diplomas from decorating to business management. Sandy has been awarded with a slew of prizes and honors for everything from decorative painting to business calculations. His academic and career interests are accompanied by an undying passion to study the cosmology, science, and spirituality. Sandy Andrew currently resides in Kansas City with his wife and daughter. LETS DISCUSS THIS PRIOR TO POSTING ON BACK COVER AS I HAVE MANY GOOD REVIEWS FOR THIS BOOK . . . WHICH I AM REPUBLISHING WITH IUNIVERSE.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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