The Young Readers' Guide to Understanding the Bible
The Young Readers' Guide to Understanding the Bible
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book will introduce young readers to the maincharacters, events, and themes of the Bible. Beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation, the book will tell young readers what the words mean, why Bible scholars debate about some of those words, and why the words are relevant to their lives. It is written in language that is easy to understand, with young readers in mind.
Congratulations on picking up this book! The fact that you have it in your hands means that you, or a parent, a loved one, or one of your youth leaders has decided that you are ready to learn more about the Bible. Good for you! You are about to begin a journey that will last the rest of your life. Many kids are intimidated by the Bible – after all, the Bible is long, contains lots of big words, has lots of long names of people and places, and talks about things that are difficult to understand. That’s what this book is for – to help you make sense of the Bible. But let me warn you now: this book is a long book, and you may feel dizzy with too much information if you try to read it all at once. My advice is to take this book in small doses. Read only a few pages at a time, so your brain will have time to take it all in, and so you don’t get bogged down in lots of small details. You will probably never fully understand every word of the Bible, and that’s OK. The Bible has been studied for centuries, and thousands of Bible scholars have devoted their entire lives to studying it, and even today the meaning of certain parts of the Bible are debated by Bible scholars all over the world. But that’s OK, too, because the important parts of the Bible are clear and are easy to understand. And the most important part of the Bible is this: For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son; that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16 New Living Translation
Aaron Homer received his Bachelor of Biblical Literature degree from Ozark Christian College. Since then he has been active in youth ministry and children's ministry. Aaron got the idea for this book one summer while acting as a family group leader at summer church camp for third and fourth graders. He noticed that kids were memorizing passages of scripture without any idea of what the passages meant - they were just leaning the words without any clue why they were important. Since that day, he has developed a passion for teaching kids about the Bible, why it's important to them, and what it all means. Aaron lives in Springfield, Illinois with his wife and two cats. He is currently an actor in his church's live drama and children's ministry programs, and every summer he manages the boys' dorm at his area's church camp. Aaron would love to hear from his readers (and their parents)! If you are interested in contacting Aaron, please feel free to e-mail him at (kids please get you parents' permission).

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