The Map
The Map
A Logan Nash Adventure
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When eccentric billionaire philanthropist Colton Braxton III is diagnosed with leukemia, he concocts a wild scheme. Always the black sheep of his family, he plans a treasure quest—his chance to be known for what he truly is—a passionate adventurer with a spirit that defies his social status. His bizarre will consists of the ultimate scavenger hunt, one that challenges even the most hardcore adventurer.

A copy of the map to the mystery fortune ends up in the hands of adventurer Logan Nash, a budding treasure hunter who has forsaken that life after a near-death encounter with the unscrupulous treasure hunter Dr. Victor Kane. Nash is drawn back into that life by the hope of not only untold riches, but the promise of the ultimate adventure.

Nash’s pursuit of Braxton’s treasure takes him from the depths of the sea to exotic lands spanning all four corners of the Earth where he faces romance, danger, and betrayal—and the nemesis of his past, who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the treasure.

“The surprising revelation came in the form of a treasure map—actually seven identical treasure maps that would give clues to find four other treasure maps that would lead to a treasure of undetermined value. There was no further information on where the maps were located or when they were hidden, although in his will Mr. Braxton indicated that he had hoped someone would have found the treasure while he was alive, implying the maps may have been out there for some time.

“In the contents of the will, there was a template of what the maps look like for use in authenticating them, when and if they were found, or if anyone is already in possession of one of the maps.

“On a related note, the Braxton family was apparently left out in the cold when the will was read. In fact, the only mention of his family was a brief statement saying; ‘To my family I leave exactly what they deserve—absolutely nothing!’ Adding a further twist to this story, the Braxton family has offered a one-million-dollar reward for an authenticated map providing the treasure has not yet been found.”

DAVE BURDETT has a passion for travel that has taken him to 132 countries in search of adventure. He has explored the underwater ruins of Yonaguni, along with over 800 shipwrecks, trekked and sailed down the Amazon, and experienced safaris in Africa. Burdett makes his home in British Columbia, Canada.

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