Marvelous Reflections
Marvelous Reflections
Perfect Bound Softcover
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MARVELOUS REFLECTIONS is an exciting, stimulating book of 75 short stories and articles. This interesting book is about adventure topics, scientific issues, human interest stories, political issues, philosophical topics, nature topics and more.

SCIENTIFIC TOPICS are Useful Inventions, Magnetism, Ocean Currents, Organs In The Body, Solid Objects, Liquids and Gases, Use of Batteries, Phenomenal Results and Extinction of Dinosaurs.HUMAN INTEREST topics are Faith and Hope, Charities, Compatibility In Marriage, Losing Your Memory, The Secret Place, The Glass Menagerie, Uncertainties, the Pearl Necklace, Imagine If…, Being Admired And Appreciated, Personal Feelings, The Missing Link, Our Favorite Restaurants, A True Story About My Mother, About Audrey Hepburn, Party At The Beach, My Favorite Movies, Why Actors And Actresses Succeed, The Air Balloon, The Vacation, Living On a Raft, Middle Age Challenges, The Oldest Person, My Best Friend, Making Excuses, Memories, Around And Around We Go and Wanting Things.

NATURE TOPICS are Water Lilies And Lotus Flowers, Caged Birds, Aquariums, Desert Experiences, Farmers Market, Moths, Butterflies and Fireflies and Marvels. PHILOSOPHICAL TOPICS are Faith and Hope, Godly Deeds, Death and Rebirth, Memorable Awareness, Victories and Defeats, Attachment to Results, Middle Age Challenges, Beauty And Truth, Missionary Service and Brotherhood and Sisterhood. POLITICAL ISSUES are Women’s Rights, Taking Action, The White House In Washington D.C. and The Peace Corps Yesterday and Today. OTHER TOPICS are Rare Books, Playing String Instruments, Monitoring, Numbers, Big Cities, Mathematics In Daily Life, Spelling Correctly, The County Fair, Wood Carvings, Listening to Music, Timely Events, Paper Dolls, The Ballet, Interesting Times, Underwater Cities, The Time Machine, Beginnings and Endings, Random Occurrences and Explorations and Settlements.

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Cecelia Frances Page has a B.A. and M.A. in Education. She also focused in English, Speech, Drama, Psychology and Music. Cecelia is a prolific writer of original poems, screenplays, novels and nonfiction books. Forty of Cecelia’s books are published by iUniverse Incorporation. Cecelia has published five, original screenplays and three, original, poetry books. Cecelia is an educator, author, drama director, pianist, vocal soloist, artist, photographer and philosopher. Cecelia Frances Page continues to write worthwhile, inspirational books.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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