Partners in Time #5: A Change of Course
Partners in Time #5: A Change of Course
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Welcome to the Caribbean: Sandy beaches, sunny weather… and vicious pirates

Fulfilling a promise from their last adventure together, Sam Foster travels from 2006 back to nineteenth-century Oregon to visit his spunky friend, Meg Clayton. This time, though, Meg gets to choose where they will visit next, and she already has a place in mind: Kingston, Jamaica, in 1717.

The Clayton family farm in Oregon is in danger of being lost, and Meg seeks a priceless family heirloom to save it. That means traveling back to Jamaica to retrieve the treasure before it can disappear … even if the area in question is crawling with cutthroat pirates.

The two time travelers venture to this dangerous spot with the best laid plans … only to find them going woefully wrong from the start. Separated almost from the first, they are taken aboard different ships and faced with a litany of problems the history books never mentioned. Neither is prepared for the sunburn, seasickness, and squalor they experience, and their goal quickly shifts from finding Meg’s heirloom to staying alive, reuniting—and returning home.

Will Sam and Meg’s change of course help them return to the safety of their own time periods, or will they be marooned in the eighteenth century, left to live the rest of their lives with—or die at the hands of—a band of cold-blooded pirates?

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KRISTEN SHELEY currently resides in Beaverton, Oregon. She is the author of the four previous Partners in Time young adult novels. When she’s not writing, Sheley enjoys teaching high school language arts.

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