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Life is too short Calvin, I’m not ready to go home yet, and I am sure that God isn’t ready for me to take my place on the thrown as of yet. So I tell you guys that they better wrap it up before they slap it, or they will be six feet under getting slapped by there friend Mr. Satin himself. So you are saying Stephen that you have never penetrated someone unwrapped? Put it like this man, back in the days there was not all these diseases as it is now. If we did anything, (which we did) we got a shot in the ass and we were able and ready again. Those we’re the days. There isn’t any one from the old school that can’t say that they didn’t slide it in with out a rubber, they would be lying. But now man, I don’t care if you are Shemar Moore, I want to cover up. Don’t get me wrong, not saying that he has anything, but I want to protect myself. I plan on being around for a long time.

Maybe that’s how Calvin lost his life, when he was Gay banged. Even though he was beaten real bad, broken ribs, fractured jaw. But those four guys had penetrated him, and told him that he needs to get out of town. We don’t like your kind here, you put a bad name on us guys. What I don’t understand about these so call men, and I did say so call men. If they we’re this so call str8t, why did they penetrate Calvin. That has me to believe that there are very few so call str8t guys out there. In my opinion every guy likes to get there we-we wet from time to time by another guy. They don’t want to admit it, because it would take away from there man hood. But I hate to say that there man hood was already taken when they first laid eyes on another man. So don’t judge me because of what I am, just love me for who I am.

Why they don't like me; is a continuous book from the other side of me; These 10 Characters are living this life style that a lot of people do not approve of, but the characters choose to live there life style any way. There was Stephen that is from Charleston, SC. Stephen did not have a love life at all, and he was wondering why he could not find that special person in his life. Stephen was getting tired in Charleston, so a trip was in the making. Where would be a nice place to go, so Stephen decided to go to the Bahamas and see if he could get his life on track. There came Marco, Marco was from the Bahamas, but Marco would come tot he states just to find a American to bring back to the Island and to treat them like a king.

Then came Victoria, Victoria is from New York, where she has 3 boutiques, and very much a ghetto fabulous kind of lady. I will say that Victoria is very Homophobic or was it a cover up , but she was liking Stephen as well. There was Thomas, there is not much to say about Thomas, but that he was a good friend of Stephen. Moving right along, there was Rico, Rico was attending College at the University of Maryland, Rico also was playing on the football team, and part-time as a waiter at Outback restaurant. Stephen was liking Rico but was afraid to tell him, so Thomas had told Rico that Stephen was liking him.

There came Calvin, Calvin is from Philadelphia, PA. where he work at Holiday Inn express as a front desk agent, Calvin was in Washington, Dc for the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. So Calvin knew that things would be peaches and cream with him and Stephen, but sorry to say that things went for a turn. There was Kenneth, Kenneth lived in Washington, DC as a front desk agent for the Capitol Skyline Hotel. There Kenneth was flirting with Stephen in the lobby, and it was sitting well with Calvin, so Calvin had stormed out of the Hotel with a lot of steam following behind him. Stephen had ran behind Calvin, but the steam that was behind Calvin was to steamy for Stephen to see him. Calvin had stopped at a near by 7-Eleven to get a soda pop to cool off that steam that was boiling inside of him. After Calvin had purchased the soda pop there were four so call thugs waiting for him on the out side. One thing had led to another the thugs guys had approached Calvin and was calling him all kinds of names, faggots, punks and so on. There Calvin had been slid right in the right jaw by one of the thugs, and then came another one to the other jaw, there Calvin was in so much pain that he had felled to the ground. One thing had led to another, Calvin was rapped by three of the four thugs, and they said that they (Gays) was making it bad for them so get out of town while you have the chance. This was called GAY BANGING, why do people have to go through this?

Michael Solomon was born in Philadelphia, PA., where he started his process of wanting to become a writer. There at a young age Michael had in mind that writing was for him, but wasn’t sure on or how he would be able to make that transition happen. Michael used to carry a pencil and paper around with him every where he went, so that the thoughts that came to his mind would be able to be written down.


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