The Falconer
The Falconer
What We Wish We Had Learned in School
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“A significant contribution to our search for true 21st Century education.” -Bo Adams, Principal, Westminster Schools “We would all trade a lot of knowledge for a little bit of wisdom.” -Aaron Butler, Falconer Class of 1998 “School prepares us to be successful. We aspire to be happy.” -Robert Landis, Falconer Class of 2001 If we want to achieve elegant results we have to teach the tools of elegant thinking. We want our young people to develop the traits of our heroes: courage, compassion, creativity, leadership, invention, vision. We need our students and employees to learn the skills that will give them a competitive advantage in an interdependent world. Yet our schools and training centers are stuck in a 19th century model that ignores this fundamental goal. Geared toward the teacher and student in all of us, The Falconer provides a simple model for making the leap from passive learner of previous knowledge to an active creator of new ideas. Based on a five-year classroom trial, and now used by forward-looking educators to help build a 21st Century educational model, The Falconer adapts a novel interpretation of the classic book of strategy, The Art of War, to new goals of educational creativity and personal fulfillment. Grant Lichtman is the Chief Operating Officer of Francis Parker School in San Diego, California. He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University and has founded and managed companies involved in education, energy, and the geosciences. Lichtman, his wife Julie, and two children live in Poway, California.
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Grant Lichtman is the Chief Operating Officer of Francis Parker School in San Diego, California, one of the oldest and largest independent schools on the West Coast. Before coming to Parker, he was a principal in several geo-science companies with interests as close to home as southern California and as far reaching as northern Siberia. Mr. Lichtman graduated from Stanford University with a BS and MS in marine geology in 1980 and participated in a number of research expeditions studying the deep ocean basins. He has also been a principal with companies involved with forensic engineering and the development of high school curriculum. He and his wife Julie live in Poway, just north of San Diego. Their son, Josh, is getting his PhD in cellular biology at Stanford; their daughter Cassidy is finishing a BA and MA at Stanford in History and is a volleyball rock star.
Lichtman's fable of a class taught by the idealistic yet practical "Mr. Usher" is a breath of fresh air for teachers at any level. But weaving those fictional accounts in with the imagined presence of Sun Tzu...? Well, this is just amazingly inspirational and will hit close to home for parents, teachers, and students who are looking for genuine learning as opposed to the prepackaged slop served up by bureaucrats and members of the testing-industrial complex.
Garreth Heidt 

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