Living Hell
Living Hell
The Truth about AIDS and HIV
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Living Hell presents the uplifting and inspirational stories of some of the AIDS patients with whom author Josefina Guardia worked as a nursing assistant. She opens the door to the reality of AIDS and its victims, as well as that of the families who don’t always know how to be supportive in the face of such devastation. She shares in their pain and acknowledges how alone some AIDS patients find themselves during the fight of their lives. This collection of stories recounts their battle to die with dignity—to take their last breaths surrounded by loving kindness. She discusses how some families struggle with the reality of this frightening disease and offers the reminder that, with a little love and understanding, it’s possible to make the last days of an AIDS patient less scary. Guardia encourages families to gain knowledge about the disease that their loved one is facing and provide as much support as they can. The touching stories compiled here remind us not to be afraid to hug these courageous people so that they know that they are loved.
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Josefina Guardia has worked as a nurse assistant for the past three years. She was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She has two sons and a daughter, and she currently lives in Florida.

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