Heroes and Hierophants
Heroes and Hierophants
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Heroes And Hierophants is the culmination of a year of innovative writing from three of today's hottest underground authors. The plan was simple: each week one of them would propose a topic, and they would each have a week to write about it. Then the next week another would give a topic, and so forth for the whole of the year. From this simple high concept beginning, Marcus D'Ambrose, Douglas Palermo and Noel Rogers took the project into directions entirely unprecedented. From serious god knowledge to rape jokes, the fearless trio push the envelope, lift the skirt of reality and explore the boundaries of the written word. What is already described as "a bold and visionary experiment in 21st century literature" (The Milville Times) and "perhaps the first look at a new integral method for the evolution of the species into cosmic awareness" (The Dobbs Ferry Clarion) is finally ready for download into your consciousness. Are you ready for it?
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Marcus D'Ambrose is a 5th grade school teacher in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was born and raised in Vineland, NJ, and currently resides in Clifton. This is his first published work. Douglas Palermo is a history teacher at a small private middle school in Mahwah, NJ. He was born and raised in Hopatcong, NJ, and currently resides in Lake Hiawatha. His first book, Learning to Live: Early Writings, was also published by IUniverse. Noel Rogers is a writer and misfit who is currently in self-imposed exile from society. He was born and raised in Beacon, NY. He probably has a job somewhere. His first book, If You Don't Give Me Heaven, was also published by IUniverse. He may not know you, but he probably hates you.

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