From Whence We Came
From Whence We Came
Good Old Days
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a celebration of our history. It serves to honor our loved ones who have gone to glory. Their love will sustain us all through our ups and downs. We must never forget our oral or written history. Please read this book and remember that Aunt Whoever was a great cook or that Uncle Whoever would always slip you a little change. Think about how much you loved your ancestors (maybe some a little more than others) then read about them in this book. As you look in the mirror see whose features you can see in your face, then read about that loved one. Teach the young ones that we have a proud history and every family is made up of achievers and under achievers but that's okay, we still love them all. We are a family who can trace our roots back to slavery. We now have family members who are (doctors, lawyers, business managers, teachers, politicians almost any profession you can think of. This book will help us reminisce about our lineage as we optimistically look toward what the future holds for the Pierce/Bond family. So, family be strong and remember our heritage, our forefathers, they were our building blocks. We must make them proud of the structure they established for us. LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER, FOR LOVE IS FROM GOD. 1 JOHN 4:7
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I was born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee. After graduating from high school, I moved to Washington, DC. After living in the Washington area for forty-five years I decided to retire to Florida and enjoys some of my passions gardening, writing and search my family history. My enthusiasm for writing soon afforded me the opportunity to write weekly articles for our two local newspapers and currently I write monthly articles for our church newsletter. Recently, I realized some of the younger members of our family were not familiar with our wonderful family history. Therefore, they could not appreciate the struggles our ancestors encountered just to survive. They did not know that our great grandfather (Jerome Pierce) was a slave who was born and lived in a log cabin with a dirt floor. Since there are so many more stories that need to be shared I am now satisfying another one of my passions searching and telling my family's history.

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